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… actually I should say the fan fort. I was surfing the internet and realized Samantha and Brad were up to something. She was all giggles and even Brad sounded like a giddy kid too. I look over my computer screen and see that they made themselves a fan operated tent. I was pretty impressed. Brad said he saw it recently on the internet. I’ve seen people make their own teepees or blanket tents using their dinning room table and chairs to hold the fort up, but  a fan fort is new to me. Building a fort was fun and I included a few pictures below showing how we make ours.

make-a-fan-fortmaking-fan-fortIMG_6675stupid-photoinside-fan-fortIMG_6724 IMG_6756


Last weekend I had the chance to visit my sweet friend’s baby shower for her first baby. I’m approaching the age where if I go to any showers, most are for the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th baby. To go to someones first baby shower is now becoming a novelty. (is this one of the many symptoms of feeling old?!) I’ve collected a bunch of different craft stuff throughout the years and decided to gift wrap using only what I had on hand in the craft closet. I had a lot of fun whipping this pretty box together. Oh, and how flipping adorable is this little top with sun cap???

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I almost laid an egg when I saw all the ridiculously awesome egg design on pinterest. The circus strongman egg cracked me up. Last year I felt like such an egghead when I assumed Samantha would be as excited as me about decorating eggs (she was only 1 1/2!). Her attention was on it for a span of two seconds before she was done. She got frustrated anytime I tried to encourage her to keep decorating so instead of egg-ing her on I just let her be. This year I decided to have my own decorating party. On Fry-day I had my solo decorating session after I put the kidlets to bed. With visions of a good egg in my head I tried to create something eggstra special. At first my brain felt a bit scrambled coming up with some original content, but eventually things were over easy. All in all I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. We will still decorate eggs with Samantha right before the big hunt, but I’m glad I got to humor my childhood love for decorating eggs too! It was definitely egg-cellent ;)

All you need are permanent markers, eggs and a touch of whimsy. Enjoy!


 I helped a friend in my mom’s group put on a St Patrick’s day party. Samantha is loving all these parties. Well, she’s only been to two, but there’s a few upcoming ones so she’s going to be partied out. Parties = CANDY! I was excited to try out a few fun ideas for the party. Mainly the “follow the rainbow” to the pot of gold activity that I discovered over on Oh Happy Day. It went SO well. All ages followed the rainbow string perfectly. It was similar to follow the leader. Easiest set up and clean up ever too ( insert happy fists). It’s so sweet seeing Samantha remember her little friends. The best part is they all hug and kiss each other before they leave. Is there anything cuter than a two year old kissing other two year olds? Ok, maybe one other thing is cuter… and that would be Sean swinging in a swing for the first time.

It’s that time where we start to come out of hibernation. After months of staying indoors keeping warm, trying to avoid illness, and looking at bare trees we now are experiencing the promise of Spring. Our late ripening oranges are crossing over with the budding and flowering of our plum tree. Everyday we look out the window to see if any oranges have fallen. Samantha loves picking the fruit, smelling it, even licking the skin. It feels like such a luxury living where we have an abundance of fruit growing right in our backyard.

On a side note I’m learning about “presets” you can import and also create your own in Lightroom. Man, it is AMAZING how much a difference it makes with ones pictures. Below is an example of a before and after.

Here is one site I used to get a free preset.

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So I know I’m posting this a few days shy of Valentines day, but I plan on relaxing with no camera in hand on the actual day of Valentines! These are some pictures of Samantha’s valentines that she mailed out to family, and a little party I helped put together for the mom’s group I’m apart of.

Yes toddlers are a handful and exhausting, but I can’t say it enough times how much I LOVE this magical age. Those precious years where any little thing gets them so excited. Samantha has the best reaction to things that make her happy. Huge open mouth grin and gasps like a squawking bird with glee. Best thing ever. Doing these activities with her is so fun and I want to milk it for what it’s worth for as long as I can.

As always, when the seasons change I get the itch to purchase new books for the little ones…particularly Samantha. The nice thing is I don’t have to feel too guilty about constantly buying books because she IS growing and needs books that are age appropriate. That’s what I tell myself when I go to the check out box on Amazon ;)

With Samantha able to comprehend more very rapidly I’ve been seriously thinking about teaching her more about God. Up until recently all we’ve really done is talk about God in different ways throughout our day to get her familiar with hearing about him, we pray before meals and at bedtime, and we have been teaching her the doxology. Brad also started reading little passages from the bible to her. It’s very sweet. I went ahead and bought some books to further help increase her knowledge of God.  These three are not the only ones. We’ve purchased little board books on Noah and the Ark, Moses, and other books that have combinations of different bible stories in them.

These three books are Night Night Prayer, Night Night Blessings, and Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol 4. I chose these three to share for a few reasons. Most importantly I like how they teach children to focus on God in all that they do in a way children can understand, the illustrations are lovely and help keep the childrens’ attention, and there are no pictures of Jesus. If you are interested in why no pictures of Jesus is important to us click HERE. I’m not here to have a biblical debate, but I wanted to share these books for others who feel the same as we do. I am grateful to those who recommend good books to us and I hope I can do the same for others.

P.S. Here was our SUMMER and FALL reading last year.