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SF-zoo-baby-giraffe-2013No, not from me. The San Francisco Zoo just announced their newest addition! A sweet female giraffe. She’s only a week old and just too sweet for words. When we saw her at the zoo she was angelically sitting in the most perfect patch of sunlight. Probably keeping warm. Even though we weren’t asked to, everyone in the room watching automatically talked in hushed tones because it felt like it might disturb the mama and baby otherwise.  Samantha couldn’t keep her eyes off of the baby. Sean, well he was more interested in the gate separating us from the giraffes lol. Seeing that sweet giraffe made me want to cuddle my kidlets even more! The sweet newness of a baby whether animal or human never gets old.

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A day visit to the San Francisco Zoo (if you scroll down on their page you’ll see a video of the baby giraffe!) with my Bay Area Young Mom’s Group.

Patience  has been on my heart lately. Or at least having more of it. I have to admit I’ve been falling short. Sean’s been ill with a cold that turned double ear infection, and Samantha’s potty training has been going up and down. It’s hard being cooped up in the house with a sad, pitiful baby and a toddler who looks you in the eye telling you she doesn’t have to pee, and then five seconds later there’s a puddle on the floor. Patience is the act of calm, kind direction and encouragement to both my children even during the most inconvenient of times. Patience is NOT me showing my frustrations to my kids or giving them the silent treatment. I keep reminding myself that I need to be their rock. They look to me during the good and difficult times. I’m the example and play a huge part in who they become. Love is Patient… and I haven’t been doing a good job at showing that kind of love lately. Thankfully those sweet babies love me and whether they realize it or not, are patient with me. They always let me start over and welcome me back with open arms…those sweet kids. Pray for me friends. Pray I can be the kind of loving patient mother God calls me to be.

Taking a little day trip to Santana Row. Samantha got a mini chess lesson from a sweet man who was chatting with us on this lovely day.

500-days-of-summer-gif500 Days of Summer. Angels Knoll Park  (source).Here’s my favorite clip

Inspiration is such a curious thing. What’s even more curious is what can trigger inspiration. Just today I snapped a photo of the dishes I was loading into the dishwasher because I noticed all my dishes were bright yellow, hot pink, lime green and lavender purple. I may never get around to sharing these kinds of photos on the blog, but they trigger ideas and projects that I do share later on down the road.

Brad and I had a at home date night the other evening. I love it when we curl up with a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn (never microwaved) and watch a movie. Our movie choice was Gangster Squad. It’s a movie set back in 1949 where a group of cops go undercover to stop a mobster who has taken over the majority of Los Angeles… Uh, can I just express to you how visually stunning this movie is! I’m a big time lover of the 1920-1940′s eras and we all know how much I’m a lover of LA. It made me super homesick, but inspired. The locations were absolutely gorgeous. Tons of art deco in places like Union Station in all its glory, City Hall, and Park Plaza Hotel. There was even a snippet of the Eastern Columbia Building. I’ve always wanted to live in the Eastern Columbia. When I realized we could afford it I longed to fill out a rental application. At that point we had a dog and a baby and it just didn’t make much sense to live in a downtown loft, but oooooh what a neat experience that would have been! After watching the movie, inspiration was flowing out of me. I went on a photo tour on Google reminiscing about downtown LA. Who knows, maybe this little burst of inspiration will lead me down a neat path in the near future ;)

City Hall in Gangster SquadCity Hall in Gangster Squad. (source)

Emma Stone in Gangster Squad Gorgeous interior and she looks perdy… I read up on the location and it sounds like it was a studio set. (source)

union-station-art-decoUnion Station. I always loved pulling into the station whenever I took the train downtown. (source)

Eastern-Columbia-duoMy urban dream home Eastern Columbia. This is not the first time I’ve written about this building. In fact I blogged about the EC when I originally found an ad that a 2 bedroom vacancy was available. That’s when I first fell in love. (source 1, source 2)


 Heather, Mo, and Kate 

I had the fun opportunity to go to my first San Francisco Blogger meetup! It was held at this lovely place called Pause Wine Bar (the  bar area had chalkboard walls! So neat!) I really need to attend more of these. It was definitely good for this bloggers’ soul. I loved being able to relate with other gals when it comes to certain thoughts on blogging. Questions like “is it weird I put myself out there for the world”, “Do I have a strong blog name”, ” do you also take it as a compliment when someone apologizes for blog stalking you”, etc. I usually try to not talk non-bloggers ears off about blogging because I’m afraid it might bore them to death. Here I  got a real sense everyone was equally eager to listen and talk about each others blogs. We were bouncing ideas off each other and getting inspired.  Another really neat thing I noticed was how easy it was chatting with these ladies. Even though we all have different blogs, we were all in the same boat which automatically gives off a sense of camaraderie.  Yes, the initial intro when you say “my blogs name is….” was kind of awkward saying out loud. I’ve never verbally said “I have a blog called A Girl In Transit” in a conversation before. I always refer to it as “my blog”. But again, once we get past the formalities it was such natural and fun conversation. I’m really hoping more of these meetups get planned in the future. You can bet I’ll be attending the next one!

Thank you so much Serena and Stephanie for planning this event!

wine-cork-wall SF-Blogger-meetup3

Theresa, Serena, Meredith, Kay and  Camille 

SF-Blogger-meetup2 SF-Blogger-meetup

Tina, Kelli, Jeni and Alison

Here’s a list of the lovely ladies who attended the meetup!

  1. Stephanie - Big Mario Life
  2. Serena - Spillerena
  3. Nancy - Adore to Adorn
  4. Mo - New on U
  5. Kate - Undeniable Style
  6. Lauren - La Loves
  7. Heather - Fiery and Opinionated
  8. Chantal - B in the Bay
  9. Sarah - A Girl in Transit
  10. Kelli - Leopard and Lavender
  11. Tina - east-love-west
  12. Alison - Hello Lately!
  13. Theresa - From Foothills to Fog 
  14. Sarah - Sarah’s Ambitions
  15. Cara - In Search of Sunshine
  16. Camille - Planning Pretty
  17. Ashley - Very Ashley
  18. Meredith - Not Merely Living
  19. Kay - blissful2be
  20. Kathleen - Kathleen Emma
  21. Stacy Hello Cupcake
  22. Yasmin - Yasella
  23. Jeni - une gamine
  24. Lindsay – Be Brave Be Bold

Oh San Francisco, you may not be LA, but you are starting to win my heart. The city is becoming more familiar to us with ever visit. We have more experience with things like cheap parking, restaurants, and sites to see. Can we also talk about the weather? We’ve somehow visited when it’s been sunny and in the mid to high 60′s every time! Anytime you hear about San Francisco it’s always about how it’s foggy and freezing, but not for us. The city must like us too. We had family staying which gave us even more motivation to get out of the house. Even though I welcome our suburb lifestyle, there definitely is a part of my heart that dwells in the city. I have to get my big city fix every once in a while.

If you are ever in town, stop by The Franciscan, and get a bowl of the seafood cioppino. Amazing food, amazing view, just simple amazing.


I was in desperate need of a pedicure. I won’t actually say the last time I had my toes worked on, but lets just say I may or may not have only had one child at that point [insert major blushing].  I’m so used to assuming I’ll have Sean and Brad will have Samantha when it comes to outings since Sean is really attached to my hip still, but this special little opportunity gave me a chance to have one-on-one time with my girl since it was Sean’s nap time. I can’t express the fun we had. My heart was overflowing.

We journeyed to the local farmers market in our downtown on Murphy Ave, ate hot dogs on the curb, momma got a pedicure while Samantha soaked her toes in the tub, and she cuddle in my lap the whole time lovingly while my toes got painted. I will CHERISH this little mother daughter date. The last date we went on she was a bit younger and not old enough to realize she needed to stick close to mom. Plus I was pretty pregnant so it was a little more work.

I’m making a point to  remind myself here publically to spend individual time with my kids on a regular basis!

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Shortly after moving to the bay area I joined the “Bay Area Young Moms Group” I found on I’ve never been apart of a mom’s group so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it might be kind of awkward. Mainly because I like the idea of naturally meeting people vs scheduling to meet people, but I was SO wrong. I’ve been really blessed meeting such lovely ladies. Everyone is so willing and excited to plan fun get togethers. I love the enthusiasm that everyone shares. All the kids are so great too. I’m very thankful. I did notice though that since our children demand the majority of our attention, it’s difficult to actually carry out a full conversation with other mothers. So I set up my first meet up. A mom’s coffee night. We all met at Cocola Bakery for coffee and dessert. It kind of made me miss LA a bit because it reminded me of the bakery section at bottega louie. It was a bit chilly, but our warm drinks and good company kept us distracted from the cold for the majority of the time. It’s amazing how rejuvenated I feel after talking with adults about everyday stuff after talking to ONLY kids for almost the entirety of my day. Mom’s night outs are definitely a must!
How amazing is the foam art on these bear lattes?! The guy did it all by hand with a mini milk pitcher! It made me want to look up how to do it online. This video is cool!