Last season I feel the kids were kind of cheated out of a holiday. We were still adjusting to our move and since this is our first home we’ve purchased… I was adjusting to a fixer upper vs my familiar blank slate move in ready rental.  So far Samantha has really inherited my love of all things holidays. Sean is pleased to tag a long for the ride. So this season I want to make sure and give them a fun holiday experience through all the seasons. These little years fly by so fast and that look where you see the wonder in their eyes over common everyday things will not last forever. I’m having a hard time accepting that. But I”m also thankful for all the other privileges I have to share and teach with the kids as they grow older and more aware.  But for now I’ll soak in every moment they see a huge field full of pumpkins not really understanding the magic in it, but feeling and enjoying it none the less.

Photos taken at ARDENWOOD FARM. Here’s another fun visit we made there


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