Actually, Samantha was technically three when she shot these, but for all intents and purposes  she was almost four. A good friend of mine suggested giving Samantha a camera and the freedom to take any photo her little heart desired. Genius right??? I gave her my iPhone and let her go wild. I was extremely impressed. I mean, yes there were a few hundred i had to sift through to find her gems, but if I’m really honest, I take  a million photos of the same thing until I get the desired ONE photo lol. Below are my favs that she snapped…and I even threw in a few of my own to try and imitate what she saw through her eyes.

Oh, and PS…. my mama heart melted when her very first picture ever that she wanted to snap was of me, her mama. <3<3<3


Amazing right?????? Ok, now the next few photos below are the ones I took inspired by a few of her photos.



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