My little man is officially not a baby anymore…. technically. We had a fun little get together for the little dude. Pretty casual, but everyone had a good time. Water table, water balloons, story time, music, etc. Ya know, toddler stuff. Funny enough Sean, like his father, preferred to just snack on his food and hide in one of the bedrooms for some peace and quiet lol. But once things calmed down he came out of his shell and had a good time.

Sean baby, you love to climb anything, you love to jump in place, first thing in the morning you call for you daaheeeeh (daddy). You like to say beeedoh like a minion, you like to say “car beep beep”  and you have the sweetest little jibber jabber a mama could hope for. You give the best…cuddles….evaaar. I’m looking forward to hearing you speak more baby. I can’t wait for the day when you look at me and tell your mama you love her. Happy birthday my little love. SEE SEANS’ FIRST BIRTHDAY


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