So we are full steam ahead in homeschool. Thankfully the content is somewhat familiar to Samantha due to her ipad apps she’s played with, but now she gets to sit down and learn how to follow instructions from an adult and hopefully learn new things to challenge her little mind and have fun along the way. I’ve been enjoying myself prepping for her school days. The laminator is my new favorite toy. Anything that can be laminated…. I attack. A friend recommended a blog called Confessions of a Homeschooler that provides the curriculum for pre K. The website allows for all documents to be downloaded so you can print them out yourself  for free or you can buy her CD for $15 for more convenience and send them to Kinkos to get printed (which is what I did). I’m using her Letter of the Week Pre-K edition. There are a few things I may wait on since Samantha is a little young for pre-k, but for the most part she’s done really well with everything that I’ve given her. I’m so happy I have the opportunity to stay home with this little one watch her learn and develop right under my nose.


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2 Responses to Pre-K Homeschooling Days

  1. Gloria Murphy says:

    What a beautiful little girl you’ve to teach. And she is so bright! I think she is going to fun to keep challenged. Love seeing this.

  2. Melissa says:

    What a sweet looking’ little girl you have there! I love reading about other people’s kiddos there are older than my girl, gives me things to look forward to with her – like learning!

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