Monterey-Jelly-FishSome of you may or may not realize that Brad’s favorite vegetable is an artichoke. Some of you may or may not realize that Castroville is the artichoke capitol of the world. Some of you may or may not realize that Castroville is very near to Monterey. Brad had this amazing idea that we should get season passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Hmmmm I wonder what inspired that idea eh? Needles to say we’ve already been to the aquarium twice and have stopped by the Giant Artichoke in Castroville on the way home both times picking up deep fried artichoke hearts.

Samantha has really fallen in love with the Aquarium. she talks about it all the time and carts around her star fish gifts day and night. she’s been really great at sharing her star fish toys with Sean too which melts my mama heart all over the place. Sean is content just roaming around at the aquarium so Brad and I tend to split up with the kids so we can please both. After the aquarium we grab a snack and, if weather permits, we’ll take a stroll and soak up Monterey Bay. It’s such a fun beach town. Very different from southern California beach cities. I can’t really describe the differences. Much less skin seen all over the place lol.  Maybe because the warmer times of year are shorter compared to SoCal. Iv’e never been to new England, but for somer reason it puts off that kind of vibe with the architecture. I could be totally wrong with that comparison but it’s what comes to my mind.

We also purchased zoo passes. Such a fun time of life with these littles. Life is just giggles and excitement over little things with the occasional potty accident and tantrum that we move past lol. I’m thankful for these days.

monterey-bay-aquarium monterey-bay-aquarium


I know not the greatest photo quality, but i just love seeing her watch the shark






2 Responses to Monterey Aquarium

  1. Gwynne Benfield says:

    I love your pics and descriptions. So glad to see a blog post!

  2. Gloria Murphy says:

    The destination is great, the kids just adorable and the photography is really great. Loved sharing your day!!!

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