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So… party details. Like I mentioned before, once we arrived at our downtown loft in LA that I found on airbnb, we got settled in, relaxed, then went out for a tasty ad scenic dinner (Perch has some of the BEST views around). Afterward Brad kept talking about hanging out at Perch and relaxing, but I kept wanting to go relax at the loft. He suggested we go get some dessert over at Bottega Louie, which I of course agreed upon. I mean who can say no to Bottega? NOBODY WHO’S SANE. So we walk over there and he again suggested we get a drink there at their bar and I, totally clueless, whined about my feet hurting from all the walking and just wanted to go back to the loft. Being the smart fellow he is, he basically walked me around in circles until he could no long hold it off. We arrive at the loft and as he’s opening the door for me, I realized that the loft was stuffed full of all our closest friends and family!!!! They all had that deer in headlights look on their faces because I guess we were a little early and they were JUST about to hop on our bed and scream SURPRISE. But honestly it was the best way to be surprised anyone could ever ask for. Our room we rented had a british flag arm chair and, my friend Delia knowing how much I LOVE the UK, suggested they run with a british party theme. My friend Kali organized most of the decorations and pretty drinks, and my amazing sister-in-laws took care of feeding everyone. Brad even made a FB invitation group  so it would be easy for everyone to coordinate. Brad and my brother also made a slide show for me highlighting some of my best memories. Tears were definitely shed. We sipped our cocktails, played around in the photo boot, goofed off on the roof top with the LA skyline as our backdrop, and just sat around and visited. None of you who attended will ever know just how much it really meant to me having you there. I felt so so loved, and I definitely will cherish this memory in my heart forever. I only hope I can be as good to you all as you’ve been good to me. Thanks for being in my life <3

Confetti and photo booth props made compliments of Paper Cut OC

metallic-tassels triangle-confettibritish-partybritish-photo-booth-1british-photo-booth-2

2 Responses to The 30th Birthday Party Details!

  1. Delia says:

    That was a really fun party :) And that photo booth was pretty amazing!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Happy belated birthday!!! Looks like you had a lovely time celebrating. Welcome to the 30s :)

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