One of the things I wanted to do with Brad while we were in LA was have a record store date. I have my Crosley that I love, and I enjoy hunting down vinyl at goodwill and online. I remember in highschool visiting Stray Cat in Fullerton looking around at all their vintage clothes and then browsing the record store section. I loved it and I miss those after school visits. So when I found The Record Parlour, it was exactly what I was hoping for. They were about to host a private event so they were prepping on a small stage while we browsed for a bit. Looking at their jazz sections and various rock sections brought back a lot of fun memories. A musty smell from the album covers and incense was present in the store. Fun marque signs and posters hung on the walls. Not only was it fun looking through the vinyl, but just the whole presence and the vibe of the store was super fun. I just wanted to hug the feeling it gave me. Definitely a fun addition to a day coupled with some coffee or dinner afterward

rear-view-photothe-record-parlour-laLA-3vinyl vinyl records IMG_0268record-parlour-la

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