Wow, 30. I’m there. I have arrived. I’m no longer in my 20′s anymore O_o and so far it’s treated me pretty good. I have to say i think it was kind of making me nervous. As most of you know we bought a house, the kids are getting older with their own sweet (and demanding) little personalities, and I was approaching 30. Fixing up a house is exciting and wonderful to watch transform, but it’s also very hard and uninspiring at times. Especially for someone who spends most of her time at home, snapping photos of the little things that inspire me lol. Kids are wonderful and so sweet and I wouldn’t even think about having it any other way than being their mama, but it’s hard at times. Trying to keep my cool and teach them lovingly, trying to understand i need to guide them the best I can. Top those things with me approaching my 30′s and i was a big ball of tears constantly. I kinda crawled into a mini hole. They say you go through seasons in life, and I think I was/am in one. Kind of a tough one too, but I have my special things to help me get through this time and I’m very thankful for that.

(I’m going to break my birthday weekend into a couple posts)

I was reminded of the love that surrounds me this past weekend.  Brad told me we were going to rent out a loft in downtown LA from airbnb for my birthday, but that was it. He wanted to give me basic details to prepare, but nothing more. He wanted to surprise me. When we got in the car to make the long trip he puts a suitcase in my lap and tells me to open it. After some confused whining about why I had to, I finally did as he said and opened up the bag… to find… my dream camera the Canon EOS 70D!!!!!! I cried, cried like a big baby. I was so surprised and happy (thank you Bradly!). So we arrive in SoCal, drop off the kids, and my second surprise was getting my hair dyed for the FIRST TIME EVER! What a way to start off my 30′s eh? I didn’t do anything crazy as you can tell by my pics. My stylist suggested enhancing my hair before doing something drastic… like ombre… which will happen soon I’m sure. I like what we decided on. After that we hopped in the car and made the drive to LA. Driving through the city gave me such a thrill. I will forever love that city, even with the pee smell and homeless crazies. There is just something about that city the wins me over every time. We check in and get situated, relaxed and then got all dolled up to go out to dinner. We went to one of my fav restaurants I’ve mentioned on here before called Perch. After dinner I was surprised with a CRAZY AWESOME SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY WAITING FOR ME  BACK AT THE LOFT! I was on cloud nine. As someone who has planned plenty of surprise parties for others, I have to say it felt SO GOOD getting one of my own. I’ll share more pictures and detail about that in my other post. The rest of the weekend was full of snapping photos, favorite food, and lots of mama and papa time with no kids. It was wonderful, and even more wonderful when we got to go home to our little ones energized and refreshed. Thank you Bradley Hettervik for planning this weekend for me and making my 30′s so special. You did good. So good. I love you baby! Thank you family and friends for loving me and helping my Bradley out. It was so wonderful seeing you all there. I really needed to see you all and it filled my heart up <3

LA-loftLA-loftIMG_0106canon-eos-d70LA-LA-2 IMG_0456IMG_0480CRW_8751CRW_8927 CRW_8906

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5 Responses to Turning 30

  1. Siri says:

    Just happen to stumble into the interwebs and found your blog. Love the kids’ DIY drive-in idea. Will be bookmarking! Happy Dirty Thirty to you! =)

  2. Delia says:

    LOVE your photos, Sarah! Welcome to “purdy thirty” haha!

  3. Margarita says:

    Well happy birthday! I turned 30 a month ago, so I totally know the feeling :) Hang in there! It’s almost the same as being 29 ;)

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