ardenwood-historic-farmSo I keep saying we are enjoying the last of summer, but it seems like I’m repeating myself. Fall seemed to come sooner last year. I don’t really mind that summer is lingering. I’m excited for Fall, but the warm sweet taste of the summer air has been really nice and comforting. Growing up I loved any movie that involved the victorian era all the way to the 1940′s, in the south, in the summer. Movies like Meet Me in St. LouisFried Green Tomatoes, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, and The Notebook totally bottled my definition of love for summer and that bottle of  nostalgia is opened every time I watch one of those flicks. Big green lawns to run around on, wrap around front porches, picnics in the shade, a nice breeze. These are parts of summer I love. We often visit historic places for the reasons I mentioned above. Samantha’s first birthday was even held at a historic victorian landmark. After living here in the bay area for almost 2 years, finding gems like the victorian home located at Ardenwood Historic Farm definitely helps contribute to making me feel more at home.

I like to think the kids, in their own way, enjoy summer for similar reasons as I do. I can’t help but smile when I see Samantha running around on the porches and knocking on the historic wooden doors and swinging on the porch swing. Sean has recently started to venture off our picnic blanket and actually explore. As much as I know it’s causing more work for myself, I can’t help but love seeing him explore his big new world past the picnic blanket. This was a really good day for us. A memory I’m happy to capture for the kids since they are both probably too young to remember on their own.

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