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Who: Empire Vintage clothing

What: Specializing in vintage clothing from the 1940′s through the 1980′s.

When: They are closed Mondays, but open Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-8pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm.

Where: 443 Waverley street,Palo Alto, CA 94301 Phone number: (650) 325-1656

Why: They have an exceptional mens selection. The ladies selection is just as good as any other vintage store, but sometimes the men selections can be a bit sparse. Empire has done a great job pulling together a large selection of good quality vintage for both men and women.

My experience: I went on a weekend where they had a $5 on the rack sale!!!!! Since it’s vintage and not thrift, that’s an excellent price! I found a shirt that I just couldn’t live without and a lovely pencil skirt. After talking with the owner I learned that if an item of hers has potential, but has been sitting on the rack for a long time she’ll do some alteration to make the garment more desirable. The owner was very friendly and helpful and clearly very passionate in her love of vintage. This is such a fun place to go with fellow vintage lover friends where you can have fun trying on some lovely pieces. Small world, but the owner told me how renowned photographer Jamie Beck visited, snapping some photos and sharing them on instagram. The owner didn’t realize who Jamie was and was curious why she took so many photos. Turns out Empires’s instagram photos went from having the normal 20+ “likes” to having 2000+ “likes” once Jamie shared her shopping experience on instagram. So if Jamie’s loving Empire Vintage it’s definitely a gem worth visiting!


silicon-valley-vintage-store empire-vintage-palo-alto Empire-Vintage-Silicon-Valley

4 Responses to 52 Weeks of Silicon Valley Week 5:Empire Vintage Clothing

  1. AmyM says:

    Do they carry hats? I’m thinking about getting a ’40s style toque to wear to church, but I’m nervous to buy on etsy (can’t try on first).

  2. Sarah says:

    They do have hats! If you want, I can stop by there and take a pic of their hat wall since you live a little farther.

  3. ohhh, i wish i could get up there asap to visit this place! looks awesome!

  4. Laurie says:

    Looks like a neat store!

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