So, we’ve been trying to figure out for a while now who Sean looks like. We can definitely see what I call an “essence” of the both of us, but it’s nothing like how Brad and Samantha have a resemblance. She clearly is a female Brad (which I love). Recently we went on vacation (and barely snapped any photos.. can you believe it?! We had THAT much fun) and Brad’s mother shared some photos of Brad’s father with me. BOOM! There it was….. Sean and his grandfather are practically twins…. The above photos are Brad’s father on the left and Sean on the right. I think they especially look alike in the eyes. This actually isn’t a great comparison photo, but it’s the best I could find. What’s funny is we constantly hear how Sean is kind of a seriously baby who can kind of make you feel uncomfortable with how well he can stare someone down. Not with a dirty look, but with a look that seem like he can read your thoughts lol. He’s actually extremely playful with Samantha and I, but not as warm towards others initially. Brad’s father is one of the most well respected men I know who can also have a serious side to him. It kind of gets me all lit up inside thinking Sean kind of looks and has the same demeanor as his grandfather.

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2 Responses to Like Grandfather Like Grandson

  1. hena tayeb says:

    Oh wow.. they look so alike. It’s like the same baby.

  2. Gloria Murphy says:

    Sarah, I think the photos are really close. Isn’t that great!!

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