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Who: Palo Alto Art Center

What: An art center owned by the city of Palo Alto where people can discover, see, make and be inspired by art. They hold adult and child classes, host various exhibits, and are very active in the community.

When: Mon: Closed / Tues-Sat:10am-5pm / Sun: 1pm-5pm

Where: 1313 Newell Rd., Palo Alto, CA, 94303  Phone number: (650) 329-2366

Why: Great place to take kids of all ages and expose them to art they will understand. Indoor and outdoor exhibits. Lot’s of color. Supports local art from people who take the classes at the center and schools who send in their art. As a mom who will homeschool, this got me excited!

Cost: Free!

My Experience: I definitely have that artsy side in me and I recognize it in Samantha too. Brad and Sean had a father son day at home while Samantha and I had a mother daughter day at the  art center. What immediately caught my eye was when we first drove by the center it had these huge, beautiful bird nest looking art displays. The nests are all side by side that have tunnels weaving through each one. Patrick Daugherty made the nest installation specifically for this art center to support a combination of landscape and architecture. Amazing to say the least. We then made our way into the art center. Right at the entrance we were welcomed by another fun hands on installation of ground down dull edged pieces of colorful pottery named Pottery Creek. Once inside we saw displays that were basically the cream of the crop art projects made by kids and displayed in a way that is so eye catching, you can’t stop starring. They had an exhibit called  Cultural Kaleidoscope  which really doesn’t need much explanation because it was named so appropriately. Some of the art work is so impressive. 8th graders were making things like the cookies and donut sculptures that could pass for professional art. Samantha and I both enjoyed our visit. I recommend that if you are coming with younger children that they should do well with following instruction. Especially when it comes to not touching the art. This trip is ideal for children 4 and up. A great way to spend an afternoon during the summer when you want to stay inside an airconditioned and inspiring atmosphere.

life-size-bird-nestceramic-tileIMG_6536IMG_6541 palo-alto-art-centerIMG_6576 ceramic-food-artIMG_6510

2 Responses to 52 Weeks of Silicon Valley Week 3: Palo Alto Art Center

  1. Sarah says:

    Hello! I’m the marketing coordinator for the Palo Alto Art Center, and I just wanted to let you know I loved seeing this post! Your photos are gorgeous, and I’m glad you enjoyed your experience at the Art Center. When you are next in the neighborhood, please stop by and ask for me! I’d love to give you a little tour around!

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