RICE-injured-footI recently learned the RICE principle.  Inconveniently the DAY BEFORE SEAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. While taking the trash out I stepped on a dog toy and, thinking it was my dog, I let my body collapse and I rolled the top of my foot. I totally sat on the ground for a while trying to collect myself together. At first there was no swelling and it seemed like the pain was letting up so I went about my party planning business. Well after an hour I noticed a golf ball sized bump on the top of my foot and totally let out a sigh of FRUSTRATION! I never fall and the one time I fall and injure myself it’s the day before I’m throwing my sons 1st birthday party… at a public pool where I need to cart everything! Ah! I stayed focus on the task at hand. Since it was the top of my foot and not my ankle I decided (whether it wise or not) to push forward and keep party planning. If the swelling didn’t go down by the time the party was over, I would go in and get it looked at. It was pretty hot that same day so we went to the mall to take a break from our un–air-conditioned home. Walking around for a few hours +an  injured foot + a hot day = the golf ball sized bump turning into a soft ball sized bump! I finally took the hint from my body and slowed down. I still went ahead with Sean’s party and even went swimming (kids, don’t follow my example!), but the swelling did go down. I can’t walk on it still though and it’s been a week so  I think I may go in and have it looked at. I almost hope it’s broken. Then I’ll feel like the Dr. visit is justified. If I go in and they tell me it’s sprained or even if a muscle is torn, there isn’t much they can do and I don’t like taking the time and paying the money for those kinds of visits. So I’m currently a gimp and if you even look at my foot funny IT HURTS!

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7 Responses to Rest Ice Compression Elevation

  1. Laurie says:

    Yikes! Hope your foot feels better soon. Take it easy!

  2. EHayes says:

    Ouch!! Hope it heals! My husband rolled his ankle badly years ago playing basketball and after 2 wks went to the doctor who gave him an air cast and told him to rehab it, which he didn’t – big mistake! He still has a lot of pain and not complete flexibility in that ankle (he stretched the tendons). Just make sure to rehab/stretch it during the healing process so you are less likely to feel the effect years down the road!

  3. YUMMommy says:

    Sorry to hear about your foot. I’ve hurt mine and know that it doesn’t feel good at all. I hope the swelling goes down.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh my gosh! I did the same thing while dancing like a crazy person a couple months ago. The swelling lasted for about 6 days and then suddenly just started to go down. I think going to the doc sounds like a good idea if the swelling doesn’t go down. I told myself I’d give it one week and the day before that deadline was when it finally started to look normal. The bruising stuck around for something like 2 or 3 weeks, though, and my ankle still occasionally gets sore in that same spot when I work out too hard or am on my feet for a long time (10+ hour wedding days are really uncomfortable by the end) so I’m hoping it’ll make a full recovery eventually.

    • Sarah says:

      Wow, Stephanie I hope your fully heals soon! That sounds miserable to work on a bad ankle =(hopefully the fun dance night was worth it!

  5. Sarah says:

    Ouch! Sorry that happened, and I hope it gets better soon. I think a foot is possibly the worst body part to be injured.

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