azaleaWell, today we are officially homeowners. Escrow closes today! Ah! I can hardly believe it. I will have more info on our new home, but before I completely dive into new home owner bliss (and headache) I want to say goodbye and thank you to our last rental. This was the first home for us that had no loud traffic and only breeze and birds to serenade us all day and night, a real backyard for our dog and kids to stretch their legs, and showing us what it’s like to have the best neighbor ever. We brought Sean home from the hospital to this house, I made new friends and hosted get togethers here, we celebrated and made some of the best holiday memories here, Samantha enjoyed many popsicles and Sean destroyed his first smash cake on our front stoop, and as a whole our home on Azalea was our safe haven and comfort after moving to a completely new area. All of our rentals we’ve lived in hold a special place in my heart. They are reminders of our different stages in life and I love all of them in their own way (even our 400 sq ft apt in one of the oldest buildings in Old Town Orange, CA).

Now we move on. I look forward to living in a home longer than a year and a half (Lord willing) which, until now, has been the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere. I’m excited to create long lasting memories like carving a heart in one of our trees, putting the kids handprints in any concrete we may pour, and capturing endless photos in our home we will have dominion over…one that will NOT belong to a landlord. We are happy. We are thankful!

Thank you Azalea home… and goodbye.


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2 Responses to Goodbye Azalea Home

  1. Gwynne Benfield says:

    Well said…it was a nice home to stay in. :) Can’t for a FaceTime tour of your new home.

  2. amanda rose says:

    Congratulations! I know the next step in your life will bring you all sorts of joy.

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