SF-zoo-baby-giraffe-2013No, not from me. The San Francisco Zoo just announced their newest addition! A sweet female giraffe. She’s only a week old and just too sweet for words. When we saw her at the zoo she was angelically sitting in the most perfect patch of sunlight. Probably keeping warm. Even though we weren’t asked to, everyone in the room watching automatically talked in hushed tones because it felt like it might disturb the mama and baby otherwise.  Samantha couldn’t keep her eyes off of the baby. Sean, well he was more interested in the gate separating us from the giraffes lol. Seeing that sweet giraffe made me want to cuddle my kidlets even more! The sweet newness of a baby whether animal or human never gets old.

photo (37)flamingos-siblingsbaby-feetsamantha-climbingphoto (38) image_4
A day visit to the San Francisco Zoo (if you scroll down on their page you’ll see a video of the baby giraffe!) with my Bay Area Young Mom’s Group.

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4 Responses to New Baby

  1. Leilani says:

    How fun! I’m planning to take my girls to the SF Zoo before the baby comes. And how ‘young’ do you have to be to join that Bay Area Young Moms Group? I’d love to join, but definitely don’t feel ‘young’ anymore, lol.

  2. Alexa says:

    OMG. That little giraffe makes my heart hurt…how sweet! :) Love all new little ones!

  3. LOVE these pictures! I love taking the kids I babysit to the zoo.

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