2nd-day-of-summerI saw tons of photos online of people celebrating the first day of summer the other day. As much as summer isn’t my top favorite season (it’s #3 on my list) celebrating when summer begins IS pretty fun. BBQ-ing, getting ready for the 4th, water play… I particularly love BBQ-ing. Brad and I are a team effort and it’s fun when we cook together. I prep and set everything up and then I pass it off to Brad to BBQ. Samantha loves hanging out with Brad outside too when he’s grillin’. I love that the kids love eating BBQ too. Meals that we can all enjoy eating together definitely puts a smile on my face. At this point in our lives the kids usually eat before Brad comes home from work during the week. They still get to have a lot of quality time with Brad when he gets home which I”m thankful for, but sitting down as a family on the weekends to eat dinner has become a special treat. I love setting the table and enjoying the fruit of our works together. We are making memories… and it’s wonderful.

Happy Summer everyone!



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10 Responses to 2nd Day of Summer

  1. amanda rose says:

    I love these photos. It looks like it could come out of a magazine. The already eaten off of plate is especially great. Stay cool!

    • Sarah says:

      LOL I was hoping to get a perdy photo before we dug in, but i kinda like the eaten look too. Looks a bit more…real =) Thanks for saying so =)!

  2. EHayes says:

    Oh yum! We are in the same place with weeknight meals being hit or miss if Dad is home, but weekends are sacred! We are still waiting for A to sprout some more teeth (she’s only got 2 at 14months!!!), but as soon as she does, we’ll all be digging into corn on the cob!

  3. Alexa says:

    Oh Sarah that looks fantastic! That pie…be still my heart! ;)

  4. Michelle says:

    These photos are so sweet! What a lovely dinner. I love the last photo of you being fed – everyone looks so happy! xo

  5. B says:

    mmm that pie looks amazing! the perfect summer spread!

  6. Lila Smyth says:

    Love that you are celebrating summer! The reminder to bust out the BBQ was much needed. We’ll have to do that soon!

  7. YUMMommy says:

    I love grilling and barbecuing too! While I prefer the fall and the snow during winter time, I do enjoy being able to pull out the grill whenever during the summer! Love the pics!

  8. Such cute photos! The food looks delicious :) x Sushi

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