Well maybe not super duper tough times, but seeing little frowns on my babies is enough to break this mama’s heart. Samantha had her first real tough fall. I didn’t actually see it, but I heard the thud of her boot catching, and the hard smack of her face coming down…hard… on the rocky concrete. When I turned around she had that silent cry that lasted forever before the screams commenced. Saddest-thing-EVER. Thankfully I had my trusty first aide kit in my purse. Not only was it awesome having it on hand for obvious reasons, but this kit which was a gift, is neon pink, had crayon Band-Aids, and stickers to make everything all better. As soon as Samantha saw the Band-Aid and stickers the water works stopped and she felt much better. She went around pouting for a little while, but you could tell she felt comforted. I may have to show you in detail this first aid kit at some point. It’s pretty awesome.

It’s been a few days since her fall and I’ve recently noticed that one of her front teeth is turning gray. After doing some research there’s a chance that it’s from her fall. Her baby tooth might be dead. Doesn’t that sound so sad??!! I have a dentist appointment lined up so we’ll see what he says. Poor girl =( Sean had a rough week too. He got his first very uncomfortable bug. A small fever and a lot of pitiful whimpers and cuddles went on. He’s already my cuddle bug, but it magnified which was kind of heaven for me. Today we were supposed to attend a fun Cinco De Mayo party, piñata and all, but it looks like we’ll be hanging out at home watching movies and keeping hydrated instead. Poor kiddos.

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9 Responses to Tough Times…

  1. Marie says:

    Hope your family feels better soon.. Sounds like a bad week for your kids. It’s not easy looking after sick children, you’re a strong mama! :)

  2. xfallenmoon says:

    omg the silent cry… that’s the worst kind. breaks my heart when it happens to my son. as for the tooth, yea, it’s probably dead, good thing it’s a baby tooth, at least the adult one is still there! mind you it happened to my brother on his adult tooth and they did a root canal (i think) and it made it white again. it’s fixable! hope your little darling feels better soon.

    Love, Moon
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  3. Kait says:

    first off, the silent scream is the absolute worst.
    second. Teag biffed it once (had to get stitches and all) and now one of his front teeth has some grey on it too. They said to keep an eye on it, and look for abscesses, or pussy gums. So far (over a year later) it hasn’t fallen out or gotten worse.
    third. I hope hers doesn’t get any worse! let me know how your appointment goes, i’d love to hear what they say!

  4. Leilani says:

    Poor babies! Hope her tooth is okay and that your son feels better soon. Our entire family is just getting over the stomach flu, so I know how incredibly difficult it can be with two sick little ones.

    After reading this post, I think I need to carry some sort of mini first-aid kit in my purse. Is it bad that it’s never crossed my mind before?

  5. aw this is SO sad! hoping things are on the up and up in your house tomorrow!

  6. Sarah says:

    Thanks ladies. We’ll see how Samanthas tooth pans out. I sure hope it’s a thing where I can leave it in until it’s ready to come out . I’d hate to have it pulled. This mom thing is hard sometimes!

  7. Chantal says:

    aww this is so sad! poor things. they are just so cute tho!

  8. Delia says:

    :( poor babies…You get a strong mama award for all this!

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