500-days-of-summer-gif500 Days of Summer. Angels Knoll Park  (source).Here’s my favorite clip

Inspiration is such a curious thing. What’s even more curious is what can trigger inspiration. Just today I snapped a photo of the dishes I was loading into the dishwasher because I noticed all my dishes were bright yellow, hot pink, lime green and lavender purple. I may never get around to sharing these kinds of photos on the blog, but they trigger ideas and projects that I do share later on down the road.

Brad and I had a at home date night the other evening. I love it when we curl up with a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn (never microwaved) and watch a movie. Our movie choice was Gangster Squad. It’s a movie set back in 1949 where a group of cops go undercover to stop a mobster who has taken over the majority of Los Angeles… Uh, can I just express to you how visually stunning this movie is! I’m a big time lover of the 1920-1940′s eras and we all know how much I’m a lover of LA. It made me super homesick, but inspired. The locations were absolutely gorgeous. Tons of art deco in places like Union Station in all its glory, City Hall, and Park Plaza Hotel. There was even a snippet of the Eastern Columbia Building. I’ve always wanted to live in the Eastern Columbia. When I realized we could afford it I longed to fill out a rental application. At that point we had a dog and a baby and it just didn’t make much sense to live in a downtown loft, but oooooh what a neat experience that would have been! After watching the movie, inspiration was flowing out of me. I went on a photo tour on Google reminiscing about downtown LA. Who knows, maybe this little burst of inspiration will lead me down a neat path in the near future ;)

City Hall in Gangster SquadCity Hall in Gangster Squad. (source)

Emma Stone in Gangster Squad Gorgeous interior and she looks perdy… I read up on the location and it sounds like it was a studio set. (source)

union-station-art-decoUnion Station. I always loved pulling into the station whenever I took the train downtown. (source)

Eastern-Columbia-duoMy urban dream home Eastern Columbia. This is not the first time I’ve written about this building. In fact I blogged about the EC when I originally found an ad that a 2 bedroom vacancy was available. That’s when I first fell in love. (source 1, source 2)

8 Responses to What is Inspiration?

  1. Marie says:

    I’ve not watched that movie… Is it good? Hee. Btw home date nights are the best! ♥♥

  2. Alexa says:

    Love that era too. It’s so funny how we have perceptions about how things “were.” I bet our grandchildren/great grandchildren will look back at movies made during this time and say: Wish we could live in the teens! Haha.

  3. decoybetty says:

    I love the 40s era in particular as well! It’s funny how certain places just feel like home isn’t it? I always am really uncomfortable in LA, but then I moved from the US to Australia and immediately felt at home here.

  4. julie says:

    I toured the Eastern Columbia building as part of an art deco walking tour of downtown LA. did not love the raw space that you buy but if you are renting, it would be cool., http://www.not-going-out-like-that.com

  5. Rachel G says:

    I love movie night dates, and we always eat air popper popcorn, not microwaved, either. I haven’t had microwaved popcorn in years–I bet it’s not tasty at all!

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