Heather, Mo, and Kate 

I had the fun opportunity to go to my first San Francisco Blogger meetup! It was held at this lovely place called Pause Wine Bar (the  bar area had chalkboard walls! So neat!) I really need to attend more of these. It was definitely good for this bloggers’ soul. I loved being able to relate with other gals when it comes to certain thoughts on blogging. Questions like “is it weird I put myself out there for the world”, “Do I have a strong blog name”, ” do you also take it as a compliment when someone apologizes for blog stalking you”, etc. I usually try to not talk non-bloggers ears off about blogging because I’m afraid it might bore them to death. Here I  got a real sense everyone was equally eager to listen and talk about each others blogs. We were bouncing ideas off each other and getting inspired.  Another really neat thing I noticed was how easy it was chatting with these ladies. Even though we all have different blogs, we were all in the same boat which automatically gives off a sense of camaraderie.  Yes, the initial intro when you say “my blogs name is….” was kind of awkward saying out loud. I’ve never verbally said “I have a blog called A Girl In Transit” in a conversation before. I always refer to it as “my blog”. But again, once we get past the formalities it was such natural and fun conversation. I’m really hoping more of these meetups get planned in the future. You can bet I’ll be attending the next one!

Thank you so much Serena and Stephanie for planning this event!

wine-cork-wall SF-Blogger-meetup3

Theresa, Serena, Meredith, Kay and  Camille 

SF-Blogger-meetup2 SF-Blogger-meetup

Tina, Kelli, Jeni and Alison

Here’s a list of the lovely ladies who attended the meetup!

  1. Stephanie - Big Mario Life
  2. Serena - Spillerena
  3. Nancy - Adore to Adorn
  4. Mo - New on U
  5. Kate - Undeniable Style
  6. Lauren - La Loves
  7. Heather - Fiery and Opinionated
  8. Chantal - B in the Bay
  9. Sarah - A Girl in Transit
  10. Kelli - Leopard and Lavender
  11. Tina - east-love-west
  12. Alison - Hello Lately!
  13. Theresa - From Foothills to Fog 
  14. Sarah - Sarah’s Ambitions
  15. Cara - In Search of Sunshine
  16. Camille - Planning Pretty
  17. Ashley - Very Ashley
  18. Meredith - Not Merely Living
  19. Kay - blissful2be
  20. Kathleen - Kathleen Emma
  21. Stacy Hello Cupcake
  22. Yasmin - Yasella
  23. Jeni - une gamine
  24. Lindsay – Be Brave Be Bold

14 Responses to San Francisco Blogger Meetup at Pause Wine Bar…

  1. heather says:

    it was SO great to meet you! thanks for taking pictures while the rest of us slackers drank a lot of wine. :) we definitely need more of these. it was a lot of fun and i agree about how surprisingly easy it was to talk with everyone. have a great weekend!

    • Sarah Hettervik says:

      Great meeting you too! I can’t wait for the next meetup too! We’ve got a good group of SF girls.

  2. Camille says:

    Sarah the photos turned out great! Thank you for sharing everyone’s blog info too, it was hard to remember :) Hope we get to chat more at the next event!

  3. Love this recap. So great to meet you!! 1. love your blog design 2. LOVE this photography. These pics are positively dreamy. What kind of camera/lens did you use?


    • Sarah Hettervik says:

      Thanks so much Kate! I have an old Canon EOS D60, but the lens is new. It’s a 50mm 1.4. I love my lens. I have to admit though that because of the dim lighting the photos did not naturally look like this. I did some touch ups in photoshop =) I’m glad you like them!

  4. Serena says:

    So great meeting you, and thanks for sharing! The only bummer is that you’re not in any of them! xox

  5. Kay says:

    Sarah love the photos lol i,m the 4th gal my name is Kay it was so much going on we didnt get to meet . Hope we meet again soon .

  6. Tina says:

    So nice to meet you, thanks for sharing the photos!!!

  7. Theresa says:

    It was so great meeting everyone! I wish I had been able to talk to everyone, we’ll just have to plan another meet up! I’m looking forward to connecting more with all of the lovely ladies who attended. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.

    Happy Friday :)

  8. xfallenmoon says:

    you guys are so lucky. i don’t know that many bloggers from my region. wish i did. meetups seem like so much fun! btw, i nominated you for a liebster award. the info is on my blog. :)

    love, moon
    blog | twitter

  9. Chantal says:

    i’m not sure if we got to meet or not, but im glad we can meet this way!! im so glad someone took some pics! they are lovely. i totally failed and did not take ONE pic!!

  10. [...] Sarah posted some over on her blog, and Stephanie, being the awesome photographer that she is, took some [...]

  11. Lila Smyth says:

    These photos are beautiful. I really wanted to go to this meet up and am so sad I missed out. I will definitely try to catch the next one. That feeling of camaraderie can do a lot for the soul :) My cousin Kate from Undeniable Style actually pointed me to your blog. I adore the design. Beautiful. I heart the chalkboard details!

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