Have you ever snapped random pictures during precious moments and then completely get caught up in life, forgetting about them? Or maybe you took the time to upload them on Instagram, but eventually they disappear in the Instagram abyss?  Then, your iPhone informs you there’s no more memory to snap any more of YOUR memories??? That’s when mommy mode kicks into full gear and you begin the mass exodus of photos and videos from your iPhone that have piled up for weeks (months). As much as taking the time to pull all those photos off my phone is not my favorite way to spend my free time, looking through and reliving those memories always make it worth it. It tugs at my heart so hard knowing these days are fast and those moments are only experienced once. I’m comforted I have these photos to cherish these fleeting moments.

My current favorites from the kids are..

- Ask Samantha a question and if it’s not something she’s interested in she replies with a very pleasant, but very matter-of-fact “Nope”.

Mommy:”Samantha, do you need to go potty”


- Sean growls, “guuhs”, and yells/screeches. It’s so manly and it thrills me to no end. He’s my sweet little guy. He’s also crawling up a storm. He also has 4 teeth with 3 more coming in.

braids-cherryblossomes siblings-at-playsiblings-on-swingstandem-swingdaughter-sleeping-on-fatherartichoke-babywearing-grocerynewsboy-baby

- Cherry blossoms and french braids at Ardenwood Historic Farm

- Siblings at play. Melts my heart.

- Swinging siblings. Sean’s in heaven. So was this mama swinging those babies.

- A very rare moment where Samantha fell asleep on Brad.

- Artichoke and hot wings at home date night/ kids on shopping cart/  babywearing

- Sean in his newsboy hat that his mother has him wearing at almost every waking moment.

Happy Monday!

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7 Responses to iPhone Photo Exodus…

  1. Jai says:

    You have such beautiful kids! I love the fact that I can snap photos at any time. I’ve been using dropbox though to keep the ones I just can’t part with. Hopefully soon I can make a DIY project with all those photos!

  2. Alexa says:

    I really need to do an iPhone dump and camera dump on my laptop. It’s getting ridiculous! Love that photo of Samantha and Brad! So precious.

  3. love the pic of you and sean in the sling!

  4. The same thing happens to me. It’s so convenient to take pics with my phone. I find that I rarely use my big girl camera. The pics at Ardenwood Historic Farm are gorgeous! I bookmarked the site and want to take my kids there now.

    • Sarah says:

      Definitely check out the farm. They have a huge lovely Victorian house that’s pretty to picnic in front of and the kids can also enjoy all the animals. Definitely worth a visit =)

  5. Marie says:

    Beautiful photos and the lighting is great! Love your boy’s cap ;)

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