family-easter-2013I hope you all spent a wonderful holiday with your families and friends! We traveled down south and boy, was that an interesting trip! Our trip’s details got changed last minute, we had a set back in our potty training routine, baby cutting a tooth, and I won’t lie…not eating any chocolate this year was kind of hard… really hard (diary…meh). But, I will never get enough of observing the sweet bond between cousins. It still amazes me at Samantha’s young age (and even with Sean) how much they know who their cousins are and love them so much. Samantha can keep to herself with other kids sometimes, but not with her cousins. It really is a beautiful sight to be seen. We love all of our family so much. I’m so thankful we got to visit almost everyone on those sides.

Here are Samantha’s FIRST and SECOND Easters =)

Soooo on a side note, this is officially my last blog post before the launch of my new blog! Hurray! So if I’m a bit quiet over here for a little bit you know why. Brad and I have been very busy with this new blog so I will be so relieved once it’s officially launched! I hope to see you all over there soon!!!


7 Responses to Happy Spring 2013!

  1. I LOVE these pictures! You have a darling family. Excited for the new blog too :)

  2. Marie says:

    Love the bunny ears that you’re daughter is wearing! Your children are adorable. :)

  3. Alexa says:

    Aww you guys are all so cute! So excited for your new blog Sarah! :)

  4. Hena Tayeb says:

    adorable pics.
    congrats on the new blog

  5. Carlyn Brody says:

    What a lovely family. I’m glad that you make good memories for your children.

  6. Elli says:

    Hello from Sweden.
    Your children are so adorable. :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Maria says:

    what a beautiful family! These pictures are just gorgeous and perfect memories captured.

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