So since this post is about what goes on behind the camera, there won’t be any behind the scenes photos, but I thought I’d give some context to some recent pictures…

Earlier this week all of these photos got some good social network love from many of you. Yes, I took the typical (And kind of trendy) foot photo to kick off wearing saltwater sandals again, baby kisses, and a sprinkles cupcake visit (which is again, trendy but who cares. They taste good!) Looking at these images it would seem that it was an easy breezy (almost) spring day where nothing could go wrong…

Well, it wasn’t perfect that day. It never actually is. Good days, yes. Wonderful days, definitely! But perfect days, no. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I get a decent amount of feedback about my blog and photos that give the impression that life around here is perfect. I’ve decided my blog is a happy place to highlight the joys of being at home with my kids, but there’s nothing wrong with a little clarity on what goes on behind the scenes too. For example…

- Before we left our house to get cupcakes, I realized the dog somehow got locked in the garage and tore the whole place apart…fun. So I tidied up the garage and go back inside the house to grab my purse only to discover…

- I forgot to latch the gate from the kitchen into the family room. So naturally the dog ran gleefully throughout the house tearing it up to and fro. As I approach her to put her back on the other side of the gate…

- She gets excited and submissive and pees on my carpet. Nice. I clean up the mess (because it’s not like I’m not used to cleaning up pee around here since potty training Samantha right?) and then the kids and I are finally on our way to the cupcakes. Yay!

- Moving on, we get to sprinkles. Have lovely chit chat with the employees there, and enjoy our cupcakes and beverages on a nice bench (I got vegan red velvet. SO good). As we finish up we start walking to do some shopping when poor Samantha trips and spills her very full glass of milk EVERYWHERE. No harm done. We don’t cry over spilled milk. But still, it would have been nice if that DIDN’T happen.

- Later I get a sweet message from Brad asking if we want to have dinner with him at his work. So we pack up and head out the door again. We get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on our exit lane… “Mommy I gotta go potty” Ah! Really? Ok ok, I”m glad she told me, but really? Now!?? I decide to pull onto the shoulder of the fwy, bust out the kid porta potty and let my little honey do her business in the back of the car, while on coming traffic passed us by. Very fun…

- We arrive at Brad’s work which has a lot of very smart and important people surrounding us. The kind of place where we are on our BEST behavior. No big deal right? Didn’t seem like it until Samantha peed in the cafeteria, then started crying loudly when I told her she’s had enough beverage for the night…. then pees again in the copy room.

I put up the white flag. I was ready to go home and put my children to bed!!!!!!!

So as you can see, no this was not a perfect day. Many fun things happend that day that I will remember. It was Samantha’s FIRST Sprinkles cupcake for goodness sake! But, like in any job you have to work for the fun stuff. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own. Sometimes certain outings are more fun and less complicated than others, but then there’s those few that really don’t come together at all. So when I look back on these lovely photos of my children I’ll remember the highlights of those days and the difficult parts will hopefully be more like distant shadows.

Cheers to keeping it real, but still loving my job =)

5 Responses to What Goes on Behind the Camera…

  1. Marie says:

    Wow seems like you had a pretty rough day. Hang in there! Your kids need you and you’re a great mum for being so positive despite all the minor setbacks. Btw the “cry over spilled milk” was kinda funny. Haha, funny pun ;)

  2. Amanda Rose says:

    It is refreshing to see behind the scenes. I feel like half of blog land is so glamorous and my life is well…mediocre!

    Amanda Rose

  3. Yulochka says:

    But that is perfect in its own way! Beong at home with our babies is the best job in world, even though ots quite frustrating and challenging at times. Times being 24/7.

  4. Alice says:

    Sprinkles cupcakes are my favourite. The ice-creamery in Beverly Hills is probably the culinary highlight of my life! x

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