I almost laid an egg when I saw all the ridiculously awesome egg design on pinterest. The circus strongman egg cracked me up. Last year I felt like such an egghead when I assumed Samantha would be as excited as me about decorating eggs (she was only 1 1/2!). Her attention was on it for a span of two seconds before she was done. She got frustrated anytime I tried to encourage her to keep decorating so instead of egg-ing her on I just let her be. This year I decided to have my own decorating party. On Fry-day I had my solo decorating session after I put the kidlets to bed. With visions of a good egg in my head I tried to create something eggstra special. At first my brain felt a bit scrambled coming up with some original content, but eventually things were over easy. All in all I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. We will still decorate eggs with Samantha right before the big hunt, but I’m glad I got to humor my childhood love for decorating eggs too! It was definitely egg-cellent ;)

All you need are permanent markers, eggs and a touch of whimsy. Enjoy!


15 Responses to EGG-cellent Permanent Marker Designs…

  1. Katy Watkins says:

    Aww I remember doing this in Primary School! Decorating hard-boiled eggs for a school Easter competition.

    You have some great designs :p I fancy doing this now!

    Kateez | Beauty and Life Blog

  2. Marie says:

    Cute eggs! Did you take a long time to decorate them? They look so neat and perfect! :)

  3. How wonderful and creative! I got so amused, I just might copy this idea, I hope you don’t mind. :-)

  4. Alexa says:

    Oh my gosh Sarah you crack me up! And these are absolutely adorable little egg designs!

  5. xfallenmoon says:

    my favorite one is the treasure map egg. such a good idea.

    love, moon
    blog | twitter

  6. Kat Biggie says:

    Really love this! So glad you linked up with Pin It Tuesday! (On Monday! Ha, it’s our first time so we got a little overzealous!)

  7. janika r says:

    Love those designs..

  8. shayla. says:

    these are adorable i want to make some!!
    thanks for sharing :)

  9. Zobia A says:

    So cute! :)


  10. Stephanie says:

    these are creative! my favourites are definitely the carrot and heart eggs :)

  11. Erica says:

    This is such a fun way to decorate eggs! I adore the carrot and heart eggs for sure. Super cute!!

  12. Kacie says:

    This is adorable! I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog!


  13. Sweet! I love the strong man and the carrots. Our hens are laying a dozen eggs a day so we’re up to our ears in them. I may have to get out some markers. Thanks for the fun inspiration! :)

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