So I know I’m posting this a few days shy of Valentines day, but I plan on relaxing with no camera in hand on the actual day of Valentines! These are some pictures of Samantha’s valentines that she mailed out to family, and a little party I helped put together for the mom’s group I’m apart of.

Yes toddlers are a handful and exhausting, but I can’t say it enough times how much I LOVE this magical age. Those precious years where any little thing gets them so excited. Samantha has the best reaction to things that make her happy. Huge open mouth grin and gasps like a squawking bird with glee. Best thing ever. Doing these activities with her is so fun and I want to milk it for what it’s worth for as long as I can.

5 Responses to Valentine 2013 Festivities!

  1. Delia says:

    So sweet :) I love how decked out in hearts she is! We didn’t get around to doing very many Valentine’s-Day-type things this year.

    • Sarah says:

      Haha thanks! Funny is that shirt was a Christmas gift and I got the hearts for like $5 at target and the whole little outfit just came together. Did u guys get our valentine?

  2. Gina Norman says:

    Dear grandpa, how sweet!!!

    what endearing pictures sarah, I love them, and those cupcakes :o

  3. Love Meghan says:

    oh my goodness, she is a doll! i love her blonde pigtails :) i bet her grandpa was pretty excited to get such a special valentine in the mail. xx

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