As Valentines day gets closer, I’m planning on doing some fun little crafts and activities here and there for Samantha. Last year she wasn’t quit getting holidays so I didn’t do a whole lot for her. This year she’s totally having fun with holidays. Little ones like Valentines day are fun because it’s a fun theme you can apply to everything you do to make things a little bit more special. I loved valentines day as a kid. We did crafts and scavenger hunts. It was great. I love that I get to experience that again with my little ones. 
Oh, and this little one was melting my heart the whole time. As we were ripping the paper and glueing them Samantha kept saying “thank you momma, thank you” with this sweet angelic voice. Something she usually says when she’s really having fun and is grateful. That girl, I swear when she’s like that I could buy her a pony right there and then lol! 

4 Responses to Torn Tissue Heart Craft…

  1. AWWWNI just love the V-day creation. Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Marie says:

    Seems like a fun activity! I should do this with my kid too. ;)

  3. Alexa says:

    Oh my gosh Sarah, this is the cutest little craft project and look at Samantha! What a doll! She’s getting so big!

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