Well, it’s official. I’ve experience one of THOSE lunch dates with my kids. My husband was being funny and posted this photo on my Facebook one day…

So I decided to treat my kids for lunch and a walk around our historic downtown instead of picking up the house from over the weekend. We never get out much to eat so I thought it would be fun. Well, it wasn’t. Samantha had a full blown meltdown because she is so used to me making her food. If she doesn’t recognize it she doesn’t eat it. Sean was in his carrier having a little melt down of his own. I tried everything to console both of them, but resorted to leaving our barely touched food so everyone else could eat in peace.

So then I thought maybe a walk in the stroller would settle their moods a bit…

This seemed to go well for a while. Nothing some big beautiful leaves couldn’t fix. Then I decided to stop in a store to look for stocking stuffers. In hind site I can’t believe I tried chancing this with two fussy kids . Almost as soon as we entered Samantha would selectively listening to me (aka ignoring me), being rude to other kids, and started to say no to me when I would instruct her to do something which is kind of a new thing for her. All this while I’m holding Sean in one arm and trying to put back everything Samantha picks up with the other. Walking back to the car both kids were crying at the top of their lungs and everyone on the street gave me a sorry look.

It’s enough for me to really get down in the dumps. Brad was so good and encouraged me. He said everyone goes through this, but it’s how I handle it is what’s important. He’s so right. It’s hard not taking it kind of personal when she’s defiant. It frustrates me, but I need to remember she’s learning. God commands her to be obedient which is what I need to teach her. What’s important is she follows His commandements like honoring her father and mother. I don’t deserve it in any way so I need to not take it so personal when days like this happen. I’m defiant to God all the time and he has forgiven me. Samantha needs to know the consequences for her actions, but she also needs me to be patient, loving, and forgiving to her at the same time. Gosh it’s so hard! I pray I can be a good example for this little one.

So both kids are sleeping now and I”m going to spend the quiet time catching up on Shepherding a Child’s Heart.

4 Responses to Wow…

  1. Marie says:

    its never easy handling and looking after 2 young kids. Remember to stay strong and sane! ♥

  2. Janette says:

    Wow! That DOES NOT sound easy at all!

  3. Es says:

    Sounds like you’ll make this! So much love for your kids! For me it works to take the kids to a child friendly place like ikea. The kids can pick the food out by themselves and there are usually much kids so if one cries it’s not so an issue. And doing this together with a sister or friend (with her kids) makes me much more relaxed, the kids can feel that!

  4. Cheltz says:

    You’re doing fine, Momma! God is teaching you too :) .

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