As new members of the Bay Area, I did some research on some fun Christmas activities for us to enjoy as a family. There was of course the classic neighborhood Christmas lights, but being big city lovers I wanted to be a bit adventurous (adventurous for parents who have 2 under 2yrs). After a little research I am so thrilled to share a fun route to walk in San Francisco. Some popular hotels have so graciously decked out and shared their lobbies with anyone willing to visit and take awe in the Christmas spirit they display. All of these hotels are in close proximity. Perfect for a family with a double stroller and a relatively short evening of fun. Our night will be filled with hot chocolate, mittens & cute beanies, gingerbread houses, and yes even SNOW! Below are the details.

I also made a map on Google maps with a walking route mapped out for anyone else who may be in the bay area for the holidays =)


  The Fairmont San Francisco Giant 22ft High Gingerbread House
The Westin St. Francis Sugar Castle and Snow Village
 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Snow Fall in Lobby
Map Walking Route
Visit Map

One Response to Where to Visit in San Francisco During Christmas Time…

  1. Helene says:

    oh my goodness those gingerbread houses are amazing!

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