To be busy with all the wonderful holiday goodness and having a blast. I won’t lie, it’s not always easy up here alone, but I will say this Christmas season has been so much fun with the kids. Lots of goodies, crafts, cozy fires, FB holiday party, Zuckerberg photo bomb (kind of embarrassing lol) and even snow! Well kind of…Bumble, the place we visit often had 9 tons of snow delivered so the kids could have their own snow day. SO AWESOME!

3 Responses to Tis The Season…

  1. Marlen says:

    awww you have such cuties in your life! i love the pictures of them goofing around by the christmas lights :)

  2. Gina Norman says:

    precious pics and fun fun times!

    Merry Christmas Sarah!

  3. Erica says:

    Looks like you are having a great time enjoying the holidays. I think having kids would make Christmas seem so magical again. :)

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