We’ve been busy over here with Christmas crafts. I saw a neat pinterest picture of crocheted chains tied into bow garlands. Since I don’t crochet often, I thought I’d try doing something similar with pipe cleaners. I kind of liked the challenge of doing something cool with pipe cleaners since most crafts they are used in aren’t really considered “cool”. Making these was so easy and they totally  turned out cute! I was very pleased with the results and it adds a special flare to our tree.

I know some people are super traditional and wait until the 1st of December to decorate, but I’m totally fine with decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I figure we have over 2 months of Fall decor, but we only have one single fast moving month for Christmas decorations. So I want them up as soon as possible for as long as possible. I reluctantly put Christmas decorations away the day after new years.

4 Responses to Pipe Cleaner Bow Garland…

  1. Erica says:

    Oh, I saw that same crochet bow pattern. This is so much easier and I really love the texture and shimmer the pipe cleaners have. So genius!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Alexa says:

    Seriously so so cute. Saw this on your instagram and love it!

  3. genius!! you’re so right, usually pipe cleaner crafts are way tacky, but this garland is precious.

  4. Gina Norman says:

    it’s super super sweet, i LOVE it!

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