Well, at least I’m actually sending out a card this year. Last year we did not send any out and the year before last (the year Samantha was born) I ordered about 75 photo cards and DID NOT send them out. So I had a stack just sitting in my closet. Pitiful. This time I ordered only enough for family, but I also had them addressed by the photo service. So once I receive them all I have to do is stick on stamps and plop them in the mail. Done! Maybe next year I’ll take a picture with all 4 of us together. So far the only picture (literally) I have of all 4 of us is this one…

Again… pitiful. I’m hoping to get a family picture on Christmas eve since we’ll have family to take the picture and we’ll be somewhat dressed up. Then I’ll post it on Christmas day. No promises, but that’s the plan ;)

For to us a child is born,

    to us D)’>uponC)’>
    and his name shall be calledE)’>Counselor, G)’>Everlasting I)’>Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

2 Responses to Our Christmas Card…

  1. Beautiful Christmas pictures on your Christmas card!!!

  2. Erica says:

    Such a lovely card! No worries about you guys not all being together in the photo. I can imagine how hard that would be with two little ones. lol!

    I never get out Christmas cards… instead we do New Year’s cards. That way I can get all my Christmas stuff over with before I need to worry about putting a card together. (I also e-mail out my card… is that cheating??) ;)

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