So we’ve been here since February and I’m JUST now finishing up Samantha’s room. Most of it has been done, but the cute finishing touches I’ve been lagging on. Little things like the clouds!!!!! I’m so excited about them! I made them after seeing this tutorial on pinterest. I plan on putting some in Sean’s room too. Being a renter, you have to get creative with how you decorate since you don’t want to put too much time and money into something that probably won’t last. Thankfully white walls seems to be kind of “in” lately while accenting it with colorful decor. All I have to say is if I had those clouds and butterflies in my room as a kid… I wouldn’t leave the room! I was one of those kids who made a house out of my closet due to a big imaginations. It seem like it was yesterday that I was sharing Samantha’s nursery here on this blog =(
*Notice Samantha’s lovely afghan blanket?! It’s the blanket I got from mostlyjonah, one of my sponsor this month. I absolutely love it!

8 Responses to Puffy Clouds in Samantha’s Sky…

  1. Her room is perfect :) love the clouds and her cute book shelf.

  2. Marie says:

    I love the clouds!! I would love to have it in my room too, so pretty & surreal :)

  3. Rachel says:

    I just LOVE her room! Thank you, thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  4. Her room is precious!! love those clouds!!!

  5. Alexa says:

    Oh my gosh Sarah. This is such a gorgeously whimsical space! I love it!

  6. Your blog name caught my attention and I’m so glad it did. I’m loving all your photos :) The bedroom looks absolutely dreamy and wonderful! :) I’m sure Samantha loves it and will thank you forever for giving that to her :)

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  7. I would stay in this room all day if I were Samantha, so lovely.
    The clouds are my favorite, and totally in love with that afghan!

  8. wow, this is an awesome room. the clouds are too cute! i haven’t even finished my son’s nursery yet and he’s almost 1. mind you we moved into a new house 2 weeks before his birth, so i’ve had a lot to do everywhere…still, i’m working on it slowly.

    love, moon
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