Today I have a very close friend of mine guest posting. This is a gem of a post. Vintage/thrift shopping in general can be easy, but also a little difficult to figure out at first. My gal Heather has got it down to a T. Not only does she have impeccable taste, but she has a lovely heart to share her tips with us too. Enjoy!
- Sarah


Hello lovelies! My name is Heather, or my pinup name is “Honeybelle Heather”! I have been doing vintage hair, makeup, fashion and dance now for 17 years!  I first got interested in vintage, because my mom and dad would watch old movies with us growing up. We would often go antique shopping on Saturday mornings, so I grew up with antiques in our home. Later in life, I studied jazz music and dance which focuses primarily around the 1930s-40s, so vintage music, art, decor, dress and style has always been a part of me! I now compete in various jazz dance styles while in full vintage attire, I sing and write jazz music, I have performed in a few movies and music videos as a vintage dancer and actress, and have had the honor of performing vintage jazz dance with my all-girls dance troupe The Atomic Cherrybombs. We even did a modern day music video, but with vintage 30′s attire and dance, as can be seen here: Got to Lose” Music Video

The following are a few of my favorite photos from various vintage pinup shoots I have done or events I participated in:

Photoraphy By Ambitious Misfit

Picture #1 and #2: I did these at the same time at one shoot. For the hair, I started with everything pinned up. I made the back/longer parts of the hair more accessible, so that I could have all my hair pinned up for shot #1, and then brush out/pull down the back part for photo #2, for a more loose curl and 40′s look. I painted my nails red and wore red lipstick, so it would translate well in both photos. 

Picture #3 was just a regular night out of dancing at one of my favorite dance halls. There happened to be a photographer there that night, so we did a shoot. I love red and gingham, so everything focused around that theme. My blouse was more 30′s style, so I opted for 30′s pincurls in an up-do.

Photography by Amy Kaplan

Picture #4 and #5 were both taken at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. The first look is in a beautiful pink Japanese Cherry Blossom dress, I picked up at an un-kept vintage store in Orange, CA. I literally had to dig around for hours to find this gem! I had little white gloves, which they would have worn gloves for traveling back in the 40′s, so I went for a summer traveler look. The blue polka dot outfit is a 2-piece jacket and pencil skirt, that a friend sold to me 8 years ago. The photos I took in the suit were a celebration, in that I FINALLY lost enough weight to wear it!

Picture #6 was my interpretation of the “We Can Do it” Rosie the Riviter poster from WWII. I had always wanted to do this pose! I made the hair scarf myself just from fabric, the shirt was a $2 find at Salvation Army, and the pants were deadstock WWII pants I found at a vintage store the week before!

I constantly study old movies, photos, articles and magazines to really learn the eras and styles, and then it is all about practice, practice, practice to gain a collection like mine! Below are some of my shopping secrets for those who need help getting started!

When shopping for vintage items:

1) Start with your circle of influence: Your mom’s wardrobe, your grandma’s trunk, your aunt’s closet are a good place to start! Some of my first pieces were hand-me-downs or vintage items that my family gave me, once they found out I was into vintage! 

2) Keep checking at local thrift, consignment and vintage stores. “Thrift” refers to second-hand items that the store sells from their own accumulation, “Consignment” means that there is a second party selling out of that store, and “Vintage” refers to (most of the time) stores that specialize in vintage items. All three types of stores are great to shop. Thrift stores are cheaper, but you have to be willing to rummaging through the selections. Places like “Salvation Army”, “Goodwill”, and Hospice stores are great for thrifting. Don’t be afraid to look in these places, as some of my most RARE pieces are from thrift stores! 

3) Don’t forget about Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and Antique Stores! My family and I would often go out on a Saturday morning, and see what treasures we could find at garage, estate and antique sales! This is where the bargains are! 

4) Swap Meets and Vintage Expos are fun to go to as well! Check online for one near you!

5) Online Sources: Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist and Ruby Lane have been some of my favorite ONLINE places to shop. Talk about convenience!

And online websites are also a GREAT way to learn vintage hair and makeup! I have a few of them on my YouTube page and am always adding more to my Vintage Hair and Makeup Playlist under “Videos”, if you would like to subscribe! 

And finally, keep practicing, keep looking, keep shopping, and don’t give up! You will have good shopping days and bad shopping days. You will have good hair and makeup days, and not-so-good ones. But the key as always, is “practice makes perfect”! 

Have fun my lovelies!

8 Responses to Vintage Shopping Tips and Tricks…

  1. holy moly, your friend is a BABE!!!

    xo em

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love the vintage hair and makeup! It’s all coming back!

  3. such a cutie! love the pinup style! (i think i know what un-kemp vintage store in orange she’s talking about… got lots of spirit week costumes there ;)

  4. Alexa says:

    Such good tips…love that “We Can Do It” poster she did. Amazing.

  5. i am fascinated by the hair styles! they look like so much work. women used to take forever to get ready with all the layers of clothing and doing their hair ;)


  6. Julia Rance says:

    The pictures look so legitimately vintage its fantastic, all of them really.

  7. Now, that is girl power! :) Your shopping tips on vintage items are absolutely splendid! Thanks to your useful views, consumers will find shopping simpler!

  8. ayala center says:

    Thank you so much for the tips that you provide here. Now I knew what is the best thing that I can do when I go shopping.


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