This post may be geared more towards bloggers, but I think everyone can relate to this at one point or another in their lives….

Have you ever noticed how extremely popular/professional bloggers or just really well known people can pull off wearing sweat pants, what could possibly be morning bed head or a crazy messy bun, and their significants others T-shirt, but because they are who they are it somehow looks amazing on them and then becomes the trend? I see some people like Naomi from Rockstar Diaries,  Bri from DESIGNLOVEFEST, or  Mrs. James from Bleubird Vintage and totally fall in love with their natural beauty sense of style, but then when I try to pull off the same look I get comments from family members asking me ” I didn’t know the granny bun on the top of the head was the new fashion statement” Haha! I guess when you get to that level of popularity not only do you have a bunch of confidence, but you’ve already gained so much popularity that the pressure to impress 24-7 has alleviated a bit. Don’t get me wrong I know there is a ton of work and other areas where they may have pressure to keep up their blogs, but if all they have to do is wear their pjs and put some neon lipstick on and then the blog community calls it chic… life’s pretty good in the fashion department for them. Must be nice!

I guess we could compare it to Fred Astaire… It’s really hard for me to get past that guys ears. But man, when you see the confidence he has and the amazing talent of his dancing, there definitely is a sexiness to the man. =)

6 Responses to You’ve Got to Earn It…

  1. Amanda Rose says:

    True that! When I try to pull off the messy bun I end up looking frizzy and sleepy.

  2. Alexa says:

    Okay I am so glad I’m not the only thinking that. And I can never ever pull of the sweats in public look either.

  3. Rachel says:

    Okay,I am dying laughing!No post could have been more true!

  4. Britt says:

    This makes me laugh. This weekend I tried some out of the box looks and my husband was like what are you doing? I suck with my guns and wore the granny bun all day:) Yesterday he said he liked my different look. Score!

  5. Laurie says:

    “I didn’t know the granny bun on the top of the head was the new fashion statement”…this just made me laugh so hard! I can totally relate to everything you said in this post. Amen.

  6. Delia says:

    Just be your sweet self…that’s who we love!

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