Here’s a scenario for you…

You have big plans for the day. It’s all mapped out perfectly in your head. Fun activities for the kids, cute outfits to put them in, sweet little attitudes… it’s going to be great. But apparently the kids have their own plans….

It starts with a newborn constantly crying and needing to be held. Unhappy with a tummy ache and CANNOT be put down.
Then a poopy toddler diaper blow out. Change of outfit.
Then another blow out. Change of outfit.
Then the dog gets out of the kitchen because the toddler forgot to close the gate again.
Then the dog pees due to the excitement of escaping her designated area.
Then the toddler ransacks the pantry and brings me a bag of bagels while I’m cleaning up after the dog.
Then the toddler messes up her hairdo while I’m cleaning up the pantry
Then the newborn has a poopy blowout. Change outfit.
Just when the toddler starts to whine because I won’t allow her to play with a full bottle of water with no cap on, I lose a bit of control, raise my voice, and un-lovingly reprimand and scold my toddler.

Then I see the unsureness in my toddlers eyes. She’s looking at me cautiously because she doesn’t normally hear me like this and realizes I have lost a bit of control. How she studies me while this is happening is like ice water being dowsed on me and I’m instantly convicted. My poor little girl.

So many times I read stuff on the internet where moms want to feel like they aren’t alone in scenarios like the one I just described. I know I’m not alone. I know it will probably happen again. I don’t want to seek comfort that other people are going through it too, because I already know they are. I want to focus on how I should be constantly trying to keep control. To push through the frustration and teach my children to keep their calm and not lose it like mommy did. I also need to drop my pride and ask them for forgiveness when I do lose control. Yes, they are little sinners, but they learn a lot from me and I don’t want to fail them by giving into my own sinful nature.

17 Responses to Why Should I Have Control?

  1. Chelsea says:

    Ahhh I feel ya! You can do it pretty lady!

  2. Hena Tayeb says:

    I have one.. I just finished cleaning up vomit off the sofa and carpet for the fourth time in three days.. I am emotionally exhausted but he’s sick and I can’t blame him but I really wish I did have somebody I could blame.. somewhere I could go to just scream. I love him to piece but we’re human and we can’t always keep calm.. when I bottle it up I end up exploding on my husband and even on myself. Who said babies were easy?

  3. Cheltz says:

    I like that you mention asking forgiveness of your kids. I think this is a healthier attitude than expecting yourself to be perfect all. the. time. Your kids are only going to get less cute and less agreeable as time goes on (unfortunate fact of life), and keeping constant control is impossible. Teaching your kids that we all make mistakes, but we ask forgiveness and try to find solutions to reoccurring trouble spots is a healthier life skill, in my opinion.

  4. Tessems says:

    I really wish I could offer some words of advice, but my daily juggle usually revolves around dealing with my own “blow outs,” because apparently making sure I get to work on time is about as time-consuming as having a toddler (feels like that most days).

  5. Joyeful says:

    Been there so many times!!! way to go for giving yourself grace and modeling forgiveness and humility to your kids!

  6. Bri DeLang says:

    As I read this I’m shaking my head in agreement! It’s so awesome that you strive to be calm and centered, I’m working on this too and noticed when I’m calm my 2 month old son becomes calm too :)

  7. I think being a mom is like the hardest, scariest, most complicated job on the planet. It sounds like you’re doing an incredible job. It’s a great gift to your kids when you can show them that messing up doesn’t mean giving up. Thanks for writing this!

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are little sinners?!

  9. Sarah says:

    Yes. The Christian belief is that we are born sinners.

  10. OLSON says:

    I totally empathize with you, Sarah! This is one of little moments that show our inability and weakness so that we may grow to lean upon the strength of the Lord more and more. I have had so many and will continue to have more, but I have gained Christ through them. I trust Him more and depend on Him more. : ) And I taste His gracious fruit! I do ask for forgiveness from the kids as well as from the Lord. My hope and prayer are that they may see and know the greatness of the Lord and His grace rather than how great I am as a mom. <3

    • Sarah says:

      Aw thanks for the sweet comment. I loved hearing the encouragement and words of wisdom. Hope all is well with you and your family =)

  11. Marie says:

    Little children are not easy to look after.. But its true that we have to be a good role model to them as they’re learning so much from us (parents).

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