I was very excited to hear a new bookstore had opened. Especially since it seems like we are becoming more and more of a paperless society. We ventured down Murphy Ave again which is our local downtown here in Sunnyvale. The book shop purchased the space next door to add on a children’s bookstore called Bookasaurus. It was SUPER cute. They had crafts, toys, and of course books. They had a little reading area for the kids with the cutest mushroom stools. I found out they do reading time on Tuesdays. We may just have to try that out sometime =) Samantha loved it. Although she’s starting to say “I Want” and hands me everything in sight. Fortunately she doesn’t really remember what she gives me so when I put it back it’s no big deal…for now lol. We did end up getting her some stickers and a little wooden boat to decorate Seans room.  Afterwards we went walking up and down the Avenue and a gal I recently met (who has a little girl the same age as Samantha)came over to say hi. We chatted for a while and then she went back to her errands. Just a couple minutes later another gal I’ve become friends with texted me letting me know she was on her way to a place we let our kids play and was sweet enough to let me know just in case we were able to go. I realized that even though it still hasn’t sunk in that this is home for us and we’ll most likely be here for a while, it’s SLOWLY feeling like we are starting to fit in here in Sunnyvale. I’m building a small circle of friends for myself and the kids, we hang out with our neighbors a decent amount which is totally awesome, and I think it’s safe to say we found our church we’ll be attending (and it’s only 4 miles away from our house…woohoo!) It felt good to realize this. It was a good day =)

8 Responses to Starting to Fit In…

  1. Amanda Rose says:

    Those mushroom chairs are so sweet! What a wonderful little place.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Are you in Sunnyvale CA? How did I miss that? So glad you found a church. Makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it?

    • Sarah says:

      Yes! We moved to Sunnyvale in Feb. Do you live in the bay area too? I figured you did since you visited Santa Cruz, but wasnt’ sure.

  3. Glad everything worked out :-) the pictures are so cute!

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl 

  4. Amanda says:

    Looks like such a cute place! So happy to hear about bookstores still being opened!

  5. Just now discovering your blog…love the pictures. So sweet. :)



  6. Delia says:

    Happy to see that you’re getting settle into your new community, but…don’t get yourself tooooo situated ;)

  7. ginanorma says:

    so so glad things are starting to come together, it can take awhile huh? such a good feeling when you start to feel at home and one with your community;)

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