Wow, we couldn’t order up better weather if we tried. It was in the low 70′s sunny and an amazing breeze which felt nice since we were pushing around our beh behs in the double stroller. I’m determined to get out and about and share fun experiences with our kids…even at this young age. But it doesn’t mean it’s not work. We were EXHAUSTED when we got home. Yes, Brad and I may enjoy a trip like this a bit more if it was a date without kids…oooooooh yes, but even though it definitely wasn’t relaxing, I really enjoy going out and about with all of them (even with at least 5 dirty diapers, snack pit stops, and transfers from moby wrap to stroller and back again a million times lol!) Those moments where Sean peacefully slept and Samantha was giggling and running around looking at things with her daddy while munching on sweet treats makes it all worth it.

I had all these plans and places to visit (what was I thinking??? I’m seriously a crazy woman sometimes) but in reality we visited the ferry building market place then walked…YES WALKED THAT WHOLE WAY to the Fisherman’s Wharf, which even though it’s only a couple miles one way… with two kids and a double stroller and tons of people in the crowd… it took forever!!!

I absolutely loved the marketplace. We did some shopping and I tried my first oyster ever!!! It was good! I always wanted to try one, but I was always nervous I wouldn’t like it. I learned you are supposed to chew them. I always thought you just swallow them whole, but the guy told me to chew the oyster to really taste the flavors. FYI =)

After putzing around the wharf and eating crispy calamari, I found that mini donut shop that was in my old PICTURE from 2006. They are the same exact mini donuts that come out during the Fall season. I was in heaven. We made the trek back up towards the market place and to the car. Brad and I both collapsed and enjoyed our mexican cokes on the drive home. I really did love this little family trip. Next time the aquarium is on the list of places to visit, but I think we’ll make that the only destination. One place per visit is probably best for a while =)

15 Responses to First Family Visit to San Francisco…

  1. I love the Ferry Building! Oh, and Miette is just heaven in the most beautiful candy store. Such a beautiful post and I’m so glad you had all the food and fun.

  2. Alexa says:

    Oh my goodness LOOK at the SF weather. How delightfully unusual! :) And I hear ya on the craziness of going out with kiddos. Looks like you guys managed pretty well! :) xoxo

  3. I love visiting San Francisco on sunny days, but it’s definitely difficult with two little ones. Glad you guys had a great time!

  4. Delia says:

    Wow, Sarah, I LOVE those photos…you captured it all so well! What a fun trip…

  5. Britt says:

    What a fun family day! The photos are so fun. I can imagine it being a long day with the babies, but completely worth it.

  6. Cheltz says:

    Sometimes I can’t figure out why we can’t do/see as much just because we have a couple of littles in tow. It was a hard adjustment for me to make. Looks like you had tons of fun in SF, though. Great place to be close too!

  7. I love San Fran! Looks like y’all are loving it too :)

  8. EMMA says:

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  9. ginanorma says:

    yay you finally made it!!! and that kind of weather, you are right, that is rare! lovely pictures:)

  10. Jessica says:

    oh how fun! gotta love san fran! thats where we went on our honeymoon.

  11. Sarah says:

    Thanks Delia ;)
    Jessica what a great place to go for a honeymoon. I may have to pitch that idea to my husband for an anniversary =)

  12. Laurie says:

    it looks like you had a great trip! i have always wanted to go to san francisco!

  13. Charity says:

    Great pictures, looks like you guys had fun! We are going to San Francisco in October, we are still trying to figure out what we want to do when we are there. Those mini doughnuts look amazing! Where was that at?

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