Our family goes on vacation every year and a couple years ago they purchased a lake house. We now only live 2 hours away from the house (we used to live 7 hours away!) so we plan on visiting it a few times this summer.  Below are just a few essentials that will be making it’s way into my suitcase…
*Fedora so my scalp doesn’t fry
*Cheap, but cute sunglasses so I don’t cry if they get lost in the lake
*Iphone & earphones so I can keep up on blogging and listen to my tunes
*Cute hair/hat accessories. Bow made by calikatrina
*easy slip on shoes by Dr. Scholl’s
*My first retro swimsuit purchased at Popina swimwear, made my Jantzen
Have a great weekend!!!

13 Responses to Vacation(s) Have Begun…

  1. That is the most adorable swim suit! Have so much fun! I’m super jealous!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love that swimsuit!

  3. Cheltz says:

    Cute suit! I’ve eyed that one myself before :) .

  4. LOVE that swimsuit…checking out their website now!!

  5. today i says:

    The poka dot suit is fantastic, very 1940′s or something. Monika.

  6. Laurie says:

    oh gosh, i absolutely love your swimsuit! (i have seen that one on popina’s website and thought it was super cute.) have fun at the lake house!

  7. Rachel says:

    Love the swimsuit!Have a blast!

  8. Hannah says:

    I just fell in love with that swimsuit. It’s so pretty. :)

  9. Britt says:

    Have a great time! You will look adorable in this!

  10. This is so cute! I love that swimsuit!!
    And this post now makes me wish I had a “lake house” to go to. :)

    Have the best weekend!

  11. Such a cute swimsuit… Have a nice one!!!

  12. Hope the weekend was amazing!!
    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog the other day. :) xx

  13. ginanorma says:

    Oh I hope it was/is a fab time, looks like you have all that you need!

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