So far I’ve ventured out to 3 Dr. appointments, 1 neighborhood walk, and 1 park walk with my beh behs and it’s actually been fun!!! I know that the tough outings are on the horizon at some point, but so far it hasn’t been to scary. Who knows, I’m planning a target trip later and that might be the one I’ve been afraid of, but so far things are good. Even though those trips aren’t too bad, loading everyone up is still something that takes a bit of getting used to so multiple outings in one day hasn’t happened yet. So we’ve been keeping the house clean (trying to at least…), lounging around, playing records, reading books, maybe watching a little more TV than I’d like, but we’ll ween that off soon. We have quite a few vacations planned in the next few weeks so I consider this downtime before things get crazy again. Below’s a quick look at our day to day close up =)

* Playtime in Samantha’s room on her rocker and enjoying some tea
* Hanging out in the guest room missing Grandma
* Little chucks socks
* Fun and colorful books that make me smile
* My favorite vinyl
* Cherries, and folding

3 Responses to The Day to Day Up Close…

  1. You always have such gorgeous pics! Play time looks like fun!
    Thanks for your comment on nmy blog too.
    Maria :)

  2. Lerosso says:

    She is so lovely! I love the picture with the teapot :)



  3. these images are beautiful! gosh, i can’t even imagine loading and unload 2 kiddos! 1 is already a challenge.

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