To wrap up these past few weeks of momma bloggers I thought I’d share Seans birth story. Right now Samantha is in bed for the night and Sean is napping until his next feeding. If I don’t make myself write this now, pretty soon Sean won’t be a newborn who sleeps all the time which may lead to me writing Seans birth story when baby #3 comes along one day (similar to when I shared Samantha’s Birth Story) lol.

Let’s see, where to begin. Well, lets start with me expecting Sean to be early since his sister was born at 38 weeks. Everyone says the 2nd one comes early. Well, it turns out he didn’t come along until 41 weeks! Not even willingly at first… he needed a little help. I had a scheduled induction for June 27th, but I called last minute on the 26th asking if I could come in and have my membranes stripped. One last chance to get him to move things along on his own. I had/have this fear that if I get induced I’ll be forcing my body to do something it’s not ready for yet which may lead into a c-section. I know this is not always the case, but it’s my fear. I was really hoping he’d come along on his own. Well, after learning I was 2cm dilated and my cervix was thinning out I got my membranes stripped, and almost immediately I had regular contractions. Not super powerful or painful ones, but definitely regular.

I got home and my mother, who was staying with us to help out, was watching me like a hawk. Literally. I finally hit a point where I knew I should start timing the contractions, but I was reluctant to say anything just in case it ended up being a false alarm. The contractions just weren’t very powerful. My mom started timing them for me. By the time we sat down for dinner they were 3 to 4 minutes apart. Brad hopped in the shower real quick, I called my Dr. who said something to the extent of “you should get to the hospital unless you want to have your baby in the car”…ya that kinda freaked me out a bit…

We arrived at the hospital and like I predicted the nurse said my contractions were very regular, but I was still only around 2 cm dilated. She told us to go for a walk and come back in an hour. I didn’t think that would help much, but we took the walk. We went to Target, bought Samantha a little toy since her world was about to change dramatically with having a brother. We thought it might  be nice to give her a little treat. When we headed back, again like I predicted there was no change. We decided just to stay the night and get induced instead of suffering through the contractions all night and coming in for the induction in the morning.

I was admitted at 11pm. They gave me the epideral, pitocin, Brad settle down for the night on the sofa, and we jus waited. Seans heart rate kept going up and down so they ended up taking me off the pitocin. I guess I barely had any pitocin and didn’t realize it. But by God’s grace that tiny bit of pitocin is what I needed to get things moving along on my own. My contractions got stronger, my water broke on it’s own, and everything progressed very nicely.

Around 6:30am my Dr. came in to check me and told me I was at 10cm and ready to push. He said Sean was “sunny side up” which may mean I need to push harder compared to if he was facing down. This made me nervous because I was SO NUMB from the epideral. I mean ridiculously numb. He told me to push once just to see how it would go and then immediately told me to stop pushing since Sean was really coming out quick. I had to yell for Brad to wake up since I forgot he had been sleeping this whole time. (My last labor was such a long and exhausting process I told him to sleep as long as he could this time before he HAS to be awake.)

Sooo poor Brad, he gets awaken out of a dead sleep, empty stomach, bright lights shining, and has to very promptly hold one of my legs while he’s half awake. At that point the Dr. said I had a lot of scar tissue from my tearing with Samantha and advised that he performs a small episiodomy. I agreed, and before anyone could do anything he whipped out the scissors and went to work right in front of Brad. It was a bit too much for Brad. Brad looked at me, looses the color in his face and says “I”m going to go sit down”. It was hilarious and so sad all at once. I felt so bad for him. I was so surprised since he was such a champ with Samantha’s birth which was way more traumatic, but again I think the timing and all the elements all at once was just the perfect storm for him lol.

So then it came time to really push. Weirdest thing pushing with all your might, but not feeling anything. I had no idea if I was pushing correctly or if I was barely doing anything at all. I must have been doing something right because 4 pushes later Mr. Sean Bradley pops out. He came out with some loud pipes on him too. 7lbs 12oz 21 inches long on June 27th at about 7am. I think he came out easier since he was my 2nd child, and also a whole pound lighter than Samantha. It was so wonderful. No pain, sweet baby, and a short labor and delivery. I was so nervous this time around after Samantha’s experience so I was thankful to the Lord that it was much smoother this time around.

So now he’s here. Our “Mr. Man” we’ve been calling him. Samantha gets more and more curious about him everyday. She’s not really jealous… at least when mommy holds him she’s not. When Daddy holds him that’s a whole different story. She trashes his diapers for momma, tries to give him his pacifier, and always says “oh Sean”,”nigh nigh Sean”, or “oh baby Sean”. It’s so unbelievably adorable seeing them together. Since Samantha is so independent I was really hoping for a “mommas boy” who would cuddle with me a lot. Well I definitely got what I asked for. He ALWAYS wants momma to hold him… like always. But I dont mind. He just looks up at me calmly and lovingly and I can’t tear myself away from him. It’s pretty pathetic. I have to literally force myself to put him down to brush my teeth or take a shower. He’s just that cute =)

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  1. LEROSSO says:


  2. Amanda Rose says:

    Its great to see you and your family so happy! Maybe when he is 10 you can show him this post!

  3. Laurie says:


  4. Cheltz says:

    Awesome that you didn’t need much pitocin! Lame that you had to get an episiotomy — No wonder you took so much time to heal :( .

    My kids have never been jealous of the new baby either, they totally want to be mommy’s little helper and baby the baby themselves.

    And watching them with your new baby, truly is the sweetest thing ever :) !

  5. Rachel says:

    Wow!I pray that whenever I have a baby my delivery goes as well as yours!Congrats again!Your little man is precious!

  6. Cindy says:

    Congrats Sarah and Brad! It’s so wonderful to hear about your beautiful little boy. Thanks for sharing his birth story!

    BTW, I always ask for the lowest dose of epidural possible, and then I have the button to increase as needed (I don’t usually increase). I’ve totally had the same thing where I couldn’t feel myself pushing and I couldn’t even lift my own leg. I guess I react to the meds more easily.

  7. Aime Nagel says:

    so happy for your family! and so thankful that everything worked out for your labor! thank God!

  8. Thanks for sharing this story, little Sean is adorable :)

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