If this is posting on my blog right now… that means our little man Sean Bradley Hettervik has arrived and I’m kicking off his birth with Samantha’s birth story. I’ve been meaning to share it for the longest time. Samantha has been a big part of this blog and before she loses the title of “only child” I thought it might be appropriate to share her story now. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing Sean’s too =)

Samantha’s due date was 10/10/10 which I thought was the coolest thing ever. Not only for the obvious numerical reasons, but also because she’d be a Fall season baby. I love the Fall. I quickly forgot that romantic notion once summer reared it’s ugly head and swelled my ankles with bags of water… but anyway… Around September 23rd or so I noticed my contractions were pretty painful. Braxton Hicks were super common with me and I could definitely tell a difference with the new round of contractions I was feeling. The kind that make you pull off the side of the road when driving. Ya, ouch. The next day I was pretty sure I was in early labor, but the contractions were not close enough for me to make the trip to the hospital so we just played the waiting game. Later in the evening Bradley had to attend a work dinner, and I told him that I would keep him updated and encouraged him to go. While he was enjoying his steak at probably the most expensive restaurant he’s ever been to (called CUT) I happily texted him how far apart my contractions were while watching Steal Magnolias on TV. The contractions were something like 3min, 5min, 10min, 4min, 6min, 2min, 10min, etc. So again, I KNEW I was in labor it was just a matter of when they were regular enough to visit the hospital. Well my nieve new momma self didn’t realize these kinds of contractions WERE considered regular enough. I figured they’d be perfectly lined up in 5 minute increments. Ha!

Brad knew at a certain point that he better get home so the poor guy had to hurry up with his fancy steak and skip out on dessert. He remembers it though as a very exciting moment. He got to leave the restaurant to become a FATHER, high fiving co-workers as he left. When he got home we talked for a while, very excited and impatient. We eventually laid ourselves down on the bed to rest a bit and then I felt it. The biggest contraction yet. So big I couldn’t lay down to get through it. It was uncomfortable to the point where I had to keep moving and adjusting hoping to find a spot of relief. Then it happend, a big BURST! My belly totally jumped and I knew instantly my water broke. WEIRDEST SENSATION EVER!!! I jumped up and in a very jarbled sentence I somehow spat out “BradlyBradlymywaterbrokemywaterbroke!!!!!!” He jumped up out of a dead sleep, rushed to my night stand to lay down my towel and we somehow made it onto the towel before the real “floodgates” happend. Crazy, exciting, this was it!!!!!!!! We looked at each other and both knew what needed to be done. I gathered myself together while he got the bags and everything into the car. I went downstairs and tried eating, but was so exciting it was hard to force down anything other than half muffin. We get in the car and I’m expecting things to feel different since my water broke, but surprisingly at that point things felt the same. Intense contractions, big belly, no big deal.

We get to the hospital, check in, and get in our room. We called all of our family members and texted a few close friends. Then we waited. Waited, waited and waited. I was definitely progressing, but at a super snail like pace. We waited for about 18 or so hours before we got close to the pushing stage. The Drs. wanted to do a C-section, but I told them unless it’s a life threatening reason I did NOT want one. They kind of hammed and hawed, but agreed to wait a little longer. Finally they said it’s time to push. At that point I was SO TIRED already I didn’t know if I had it in me to push. I pushed for a good 2 1/2 hours. At one point Brad had to wake me up between contractions because I was totally nodding off. Kind of weird being in a lot of pain, but still able to doze off at the same time lol. Brad was the best coach ever. Very to the point and focused and knew how to handle me in a situation like that. We both weren’t sure how he would be since it’s such a new experience to go through, but he really did handle it like a pro.  Finally her little head came out, but she had to stay there like that until the next contraction to push again and let me tell you that was SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!! then with another push she was out and saying hello to the world. 8lbs 13oz. I thought it was done, no more pain, the bliss begins… not quite yet. Sorry to be a little graphic, but no one told me delivering a placenta was as painful as delivering the baby. All family in the hallway heard something like this the moment Samantha was born “my baby, my baby!!! Ow ow ow ow” They were a bit confused too.

Finally EVERYTHING was delivered and they handed me my sweet girl. Things were kind of crazy right after her birth. People in and out, her and I exhausted, etc. It wasn’t until after they brought her in after she’d been bathed that I got to really bond with her. Brad was asleep on the couch, it was about 2am, they handed me my sweet clean baby. In the late hours of the night (or early hours of the morning) I held her and she looked up at me. So innocent. So sweet. She was all mine. This was my little girl. I soaked up that special moment between her and I. Mother and daughter.  I knew there was going to be many visitors and lots of noise and happy conversation in the days to follow so the moment of sweet silence with my girl was worth so much to me. Looking back even with some of the painful and inconvenient moments that happened I actually think it was as pleasant of an experience as it could have been. I really do remember it fondly. Such a wonderful and exciting time for all of us with relatively no complications that were serious. Funny enough I was more nervous for my labor with Sean than I was with Samantha’s labor. In this case I really think ignorance was bliss lol. The Lord gave me my perfect girl. He made me a mother to the sweetest baby and a wife to the best man out there. I’m forever thankful and filled with love.

7 Responses to Samantha’s Birth Story

  1. Cheltz says:

    Loved it! And super cute newborn pics of Samantha! I also think delivering the placenta is a lot more painful than it’s made out to be, and I’m also holding a baby I’m trying not to drop, to boot!

  2. Amanda Rose says:

    Gorgeous pictures! you have such a wonderful family.


  3. Who knew that delivering a placenta was so painful? Well, I certainly didn’t. Ouch!

    I love that you posted this now. What a wonderful walk down memory lane for you.

  4. Jamie says:

    Loved it!!! Can’t wait to hear the next one. It’s so funny how there are si many births every day and they can be such different experiences! I was terrified with both babies!

  5. Alexa says:

    Awww so happy you shared this Sarah. What a special moment. It’s so hard, but it’s so worth it! :)

  6. Rachel says:

    Love this story!She was such a beautiful baby…and still is!You are the first person I’ve heard say that delivering the placenta was painful…yikes,now I have a new fear!Hah!Can’t wait to hear your next birth story and to hear if delivering the placenta the next time around was as painful!

  7. That last picture of Samantha is the sweetest thing! I love reading birth stories, takes me back to special memories… it was my favorite part of the whole 10 months! Can’t wait to read baby boy’s story of joining the world. xo!

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