Hello friends,
It’s been a little over 2 weeks now. Brad goes back to work today. The last few days I’ve really healed up well. THANK GOODNESS! I told Brad that I’m well enough for him to go back to work. As much as I’ve been loving the extra help and quality time with that wonderful man, we both want to fall back into our routines…well I need to start a new one now since it’s not just Samantha, but you know what I mean =)
Lets talk hormones….. boy did I have a hormone dump after having Sean. I’m so thankful with how I handle it though. I feel so terrible for the poor women who have to go through depression. Having a toddler + new baby + dealing with recovery + being depressed = not a happy mix. I did a lot of crying, but thankfully, it was out of joy. Being thankful I’m not pregnant anymore, thankful for my sweet little man, reminiscing over Samantha being that small, watching Toy Story 3 (yes, I was balling, BALLING I tell you). As much as crying can be annoying and embarrassing sometimes, I’m glad the tears were out of joy. I had a similar experience after having Samantha and I was happy it was the same this time around too. 

 Last week we visited family and friends down in OC. We were itching to introduce them to Sean. Samantha was in hog heaven. She played with her cousins, went to birthday parties, and played in several pools for hours. I don’t know who had more fun, Samantha or Brad and I watching how much fun she was having. Toddlers are work, but they rock too =) In fact I’m so happy I’m finally healed to the point where I can move around again. With my hormone dump I also get my energy and inspiration back. Staying home to heal is torture when all I want to do is play with Samantha and get out of the house. I’m dying to go on outings with the kids. I’m looking forward to how the Summer is going to be with these two beh behs. 

Oh by the way… look at mr. man’s blondish/gingerish hair!!!! I wonder if he’ll keep the color. SO PRECIOUS!

11 Responses to Postpartum Hormones…

  1. Rachel says:

    He is so gorgeous!And that hair color is darling!Glad to hear your healing good and that all is well!

    p.s.I cried on Toy Story 3 too…with no excuse in sight!I’m such a sap!

  2. Cindy says:

    :) I’m happy they’re happy tears! What a cute little fam you have!

  3. Luna says:

    Our eldest had that hair color too. The photo with Samantha and Sean + dummy is the sweetest. So glad you pulled through the ‘hormone dump’.

  4. Cheltz says:

    What a fun hair color for a newborn! Will be interesting to see if he keeps it.

  5. Jamie says:

    Wow you are ambitious! I think it took me a good couple months to get adjusted to having a baby and toddler- going out was scary! i remember sitting in the Target parking lot thinking, “Ok which one do I get out first?” Does Bailey walk or go in the cart?” “What if she gets hungry?” “Does Bai sit in the car for 30 minutes while I breastfeed her?” Lol! I remember the tears too! the things no one talks about, huh? He is beautiful!

  6. Naomi says:

    That’s just wonderful that you’ve been crying tears of joy!! I’ve been a little down here and there in this postpartum period, but I’m also thankful it hasn’t been nearly as bad as it could be. Gracious, loving husbands of course help with that a lot, I’m sure!

  7. hoping you get through this tough time! i can imagine how life changing it must be and the hormones probably dont help! your baby is adorable though, what a blessing!!

  8. I am Megan says:

    Oh what a darling baby!

    At least big sis Samantha is there to help when the hormones take over right! She looks like she is such a good little helper :)

  9. Ah, I can see the emotions running wild after having #2. You’re happy and excited, yet I’m sure just overwhelmed. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a breakdown in a couple months. Congrats again!! You’re doing great!

  10. Oh Sarah, the hormone dump can be rough, but life looks so good for you through these sweet pictures. You are blessed! xo!

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