Hey everyone, with our new little man’s arrival I asked some lovely mommas to do guest posts for me until I get into a groove around here being a momma of 2. Here’s a fabulous blogger momma who I absolutely love reading about. Her name is Alexa and she is a co-author of her blog The Short and the Sweet of It.Her sweet little girl Mila is such a doll and Alexa puts together the BEST inspiration boards. Feast your eyes on her awesome baby board =)

Hello Girl in Transit readers! It’s Alexa from The Short and the Sweet of It! I was so excited when Sarah asked me to guest post while she’s bonding with her new baby boy and it got me thinking what I’d like to surround my little guy with (if that day should come). Both Sarah and I have little girls and they are an absolute joy of course. And I mean…baby dresses…hello adorable. But I absolutely love these little boy inspired items I rounded up.

1. Isn’t this elephant blanket from House of Henderson the sweetest? And I love that’s it not overly babyish.

2. Although bikes can be gender neutral, this print from Jamie Shelman would look so cute in a little guy’s nursery.

3. I am obsessed with the Tea Collection. They have the most adorable clothes for baby boys and girls. This little wave romper would be perfect for a little beach baby!

4. Seriously. Pierre the Bla Bla Bunny? I love him and his satchel.

5. I adore these black and white books by Smriti Prasadam. Mila has the bugs one and I think either or both would be a fun little read for baby boy!

Thanks for having me Sarah…can’t wait to hear all about your new little man! And congrats to big sis Samantha!

6 Responses to Guest Post from Momma Alexa…

  1. BlushnCheeks says:

    Thanks Alexa great post, this came in the nick of time. My friend just gave birth to a boy. Now the book and bunny are my go to gifts.

  2. Alexa says:

    Thanks so much for having me Sarah! This was fun to put together! :) And Happy Fourth to you! xo

  3. such cuteness! now i just need the baby ;)

  4. Rema says:

    uh, I kind of want Pierre the Bla Blah doll for myself. Is that weird? :) xo

  5. Love these sweet boy goodies. Great finds!

  6. This is adorable!! Alexa has the best taste!! xo

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