So I’m by no means ready to put together the nursery. I need to get Samantha out of her crib and move it over to the new baby’s room first, but I have started gathering certain items that will make up the color scheme of his room. I’m getting excited and creating a little inspiration set up like this helps me stay focused on getting his room done as soon as I can. But realistically I probably won’t finish it until he’s sleeping through the night and needs to move into his nursery. But still, how fun are these colors!!!!! I can’t wait to see the little guy play in his room like his big sister does in her room =)

12 Responses to Ideas for Nursery #2…

  1. what a suoer adorable idea for a nursery! I love the colors and the fun games and the adorable outfit! I hope you’re having a wonderful day enjoying your little one!

  2. The crocheted elephant cap — adorable!

  3. Bry says:

    love that color scheme! can’t wait to see

  4. ginanorma says:

    ooooh i like the grey!!!

  5. Alexa says:

    Um. So so cute. Love these ideas Sarah. Love the vintage look!

  6. oh my gosh, that little elephant hat. absolutely adoring!!
    xo TJ

  7. oh wow these are great!!

  8. Fun colors indeed! Cute shoes and elephant hat too! ヅ

    by the way, please drop by our blog and we’s love it more if we follow each other.

    Thanks! ヅ

  9. Jess Judkins says:

    Those things are ADORABLE!!!!

  10. Lettie says:

    All so cute!! Love it!

  11. Too cute!!

    And love the new blog look miss. :)

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