She’s too cool for school

So it got up to 86 degrees F this last weekend! That’s like SoCal weather although I checked the weather and saw it was in the mid to high 90′s down south. Yikes, I don’t miss that, but I will say being in the 80′s made me feel a bit more at home up here. So far it hasn’t gone past the 70′s. It was such a fun weekend. I took my girl to a gelateria in the historical district we live near and she was the cutest little ice cream companion. I think there is something built into kids where they are programed to know how to do things like eat ice cream, do an egg hunt, and rip wrapping paper off presents. Samantha scored this weekend with the hot weather. Not only did she get gelato, but she also got popsicles too. We just hung out in our backyard eating popsicles and doing water play.We also put the guest bed together, our new bed together, AND our new patio furniture!!!!! Woohoo for patio furniture. My mother is coming out to stay with us when I have the baby so we are getting the house ready for our house guest. So much fun!!!

It’s supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday and then it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70′s again for a while. As much as I LOVED this little preview into what Summer will be like, I’m looking forward to the Spring like weather again for a while. I hope you all had a happy weekend!

Choosing her flavor (cookies and cream)

My fav. So cute

Sometimes the box of 40 cheap popsicles for $1.99 are the best!

10 Responses to So Hot, but So Cool

  1. Samantha is such a cutie! I sort of want those pink sandals in my size!

  2. Nora says:

    pretty little lady!

  3. I can’t get over how precious she is! Your blog always makes me so excited to have our first child.

  4. hahaha, that’s funny, cuz I was thinking the same thing…then saw Karina’s comment and said Mahn! I will have to confess that I was thinking that exact thing! I love love love shoes! Million dollars? Shoes of course – I’d by shoes!! Sorry is too hot there for you, tho. better hope for a better today, ~ Renae

  5. Amanda Rose says:

    This looks wonderful! I hope some of that weather will come our way!

  6. Sarah says:

    She’s just adorable! And so well dressed! Send some sunshine to England….and the ice cream too! :)

    Sarah XxX

  7. Alexa says:

    I could not believe how hot it got up there! Mila and I were sweating. And it’s raining now that I’m back in San Diego. Sigh….

  8. Britt says:

    Samantha is adorable!

  9. Sarah says:

    So I had a gift card to Nordstrom and tried to get either the yellow sandals or these pink ones in my size and they don’t carry them. So if I want them I gotta pay full price on zappos or something…fail!

  10. she is adorable in her sun hat, i love it on her! and i love the two of you do mommy daughter dates. i just read the post about feeling a bit sad but it is change and whether a great change like another baby or not it is still change which is hard.

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