Baby girl played in her first fort….and yes, I realize she needs a bang trim in the worst way.

The hubs brought home dinner from work, while I made dessert (custard with fruit)

1. THIS would inspired me to start a Taco Tuesday. Genius!
2. Sometimes the best DIY crafts are the most simple ones you never think of…like THIS
3.Click HERE for an easy way to add some flare to home decor
4. At this point it’s not an equivalent, but THIS has a lot of potential for replacing the beloved picnik

11 Responses to Lovely Little List of Links…

  1. Adorable photos and I’m loving the idea of Taco Tuesday! Especially with those brilliant plates.

  2. aw, yum! that custard looks delicious! and definitely in need of those plates for taco tuesday! yum!!!
    xo TJ

  3. rebecca says:

    ha! nothing wrong with overgrown bangs when you look that cute.

  4. I think her bangs are adorable! That reminds me of how my hair looked when I was a kid, haha.

    Those taco plates are GENIUS.

  5. Cheltz says:

    Sarah, those taco plates are fun, and I wonder if they would actually help kids keep their taco together??

    The bow pillow is also sweet, and looks so easy to make!

  6. Beautiful photos :) I’m totally loving picmonkey! I think I like it a bit more then picnik… Happy SUnday!

  7. Melissa says:

    that dessert looks so yummy.

    love your link list!!

  8. That custard you made looks SO DELICIOUS! I need to stop browsing dessert pictures before 11am at work! Happy Monday :)
    xo Hannah

  9. bridget anne says:

    that custard and fruit looks insanely delicious. and exactly what i need right now for my sore, sore tonsils. wah! but good news: i’m happy i found your adorable blog! xo.

  10. Taylor Grace says:

    Cute blog! And wished I lived where you do- looks gorgeous outside. It’s been fifty degrees and raining in chicago for almost six months now… Ready for the sunshine!


  11. i want some of that custard please! seriously looks amazing!

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