I don’t know if you can really “spoil” a documentary, but I do talk about a couple parts in the movie so you could possibly consider them spoilers.

So Brad and I steamed up some artichokes and picked a movie on our Apple TV (using netflix) like we normally do for a mini date night at home. I saw the Being Elmo documentary and remembered when Jo from A Cup of Jo mentioned it before it had even come out. Being documentary lovers, we decided to watch. IT WAS SO SWEET! There were many parts of the movie I loved, but one thing really stood out to me. When Kevin (the guy who plays Elmo) was a kid and got really inspired after watching some TV instructional videos on how to make puppets, he decided to use one of his dad’s coats to make one. So he cut the coat to pieces and made this puppet and then left it on his parents’ dresser so they could see when they got home. He started to get nervous realizing it may not go over well since he did destroy his dad’s jacket. His parents saw the puppet, went to him and said “So what’s his name?(the puppet’s)……. Kevin, next time if you want something just ask”. They were 100% supportive of him with his dream.

Right there they could have flown off the handle on how he should have known better to not use the jacket. But they didn’t and I’m glad. Now I’m not saying that we as parents should allow our kids to take over the home using it to do their will destructively. No… that would be bad. But we forget children are still learning and practicing when to use common sense. Not all actions like these are meant to be defiant or destructive. We need to focus on the intentions and heart of the child when taking these actions into consideration. But these parents KNEW their son, knew he wasn’t being defiant or destructive. They noticed he had a gift and was going after it. They corrected him lovingly by saying he should ask next time, but then praised him! He got to live his dream with full support and love from his family and in the movie he describes Elmo being the best of both his parents.

I want to do that. I pray I have the discernment to know when to correct, discipline, or praise my child(children) for their actions. It really just hit a soft spot for me and inspired me even more as a parent. I REALLY encourage people to watch it as a fun date movie, especially if you have kids or plan on having kids.

Below is the trailer… super sweet =)

8 Responses to Do I Correct, Discipline, or Praise?

  1. Hey Sarah, thanks for posting this. I think this is a beautiful reminder on how God calls us to be towards our children and how fast and easily it is forgotten in the moment of correction. I give props to those parents who kept it cool. :) I think I will have to see this documentary.

  2. great food for thought! i’ve been thinking about praise and discipline a lot lately. how both are often over-dramatized. when our baby/kid does something “naughty”, there is a loving but firm way to correct it, like Christ would I think. and when our baby does something great, we don’t need to be overly cheerleader-ish and do a song and dance (although there are probably some occasions for this!) b/c we don’t want our praise to drown out the internal motivation to do good. sorry, long comment! also, i LOVED the documentary. watched it twice, and cried both times when elmo was meeting that sick baby. tear!

  3. Oh, I love this. I really want to see this film. I love seeing parents embrace their creative children. It’s the most important thing to guide them in the early years since it’ll define who they are as they grow up. Hooray for cool parents! Going to add this to my “must watch” list.

  4. Per your suggestion, my boyfriend and I saw Being Elmo last night. Loved it! It made me teary. That guy was BORN to be Elmo.

  5. Sadie Dear says:

    I am going to HAVE to watch this with my family! My son adores Elmo. I mean, he really really really love Elmo. And I pray for the same discernment! I worry all the time that I may disciple him for the wrong things. My kid has so much spunk… the last think I want to do is be the one that dampens his fire.

  6. Cindy says:

    Ok, I’ll have to get Elmo off Netflix, since you recommend it. Tom and I have been reading “Give Them Grace” which is a recent book on raising kids to know Jesus’ grace…the book does a better way of putting what we all want for our kids, than I’ve ever seen before. Highly recommend!

  7. Jess says:

    My husband and I watched this documentary around the same time you wrote this post, and we loved it! It’s an amazing story, made all the better because it’s true.

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog today, but I’m looking forward to reading more!

  8. christalena says:

    This is something I really needed to read. Thanks! Also, sorry for commenting on a ton of your posts tonight. I’m really enjoying your blog! :)

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