So I read this one blog called Chestnut Mocha. It’s about the sweetest couple who take AMAZING pictures and really capture their romance. I love it. I got tagged to do a post about 11 things about myself. For once I’m kind of in the mood to do one of these so here it goes.

  1. I have many phobias…like not wanting to feel heart pulses…my own if I can help it.
  2. I like Star Wars 
  3. I have a TON of red shoes and I don’t even try to shop for them. They somehow make it into my closet. 
  4. I like the way my baby smells more when she doesn’t bathe vs bathing… weird? 
  5. I’m jealous of my husbands perfect feet.  
  6. I’m left handed, but I knit right handed and cut with scissors with either hand 
  7. My favorite place in the world is London 
  8. My Favorite date night would be a night out in Downtown LA with my hub 
  9. I really like bacon (going on day 3 of having for breakfast) 
  10. I like smooshed faced dogs 
  11. Sometimes I laugh so hard it actually triggers the crying reflex in my brain and I start really crying. It’s kinda crazy, and really funny.

So nooooow I need to tag 11 more people. Let me just say this, in the past I haven’t participated in these tag posts so if I tag you and you don’t participate… I totally understand, but if you have the time it’s super fun =) 

- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
- Choose eleven people to tag and link them on the post
- Go to their page and tell them
- No tag backs

The fashionable, oh so crafty and talented Katrina from Calikatrina
The hilarious, gorgeous, and lover of her man Mrs. Taylor from Mr. Taylor and His Lady
My food friend Sherri Lynn who cooks up some amazing stuff at Life of a Wife
The amazing DIY, Party, Photography, etc blog by Rebecca at A Daily Something 
My current fellow prego, crafter, mom, and interior decorator Andrea from Strawberry Chic
An amazing wife, baker, and crafter Meg from Henning Love
An amazing city review blog by Cara that I truly adore is City Girl Chicago
The sweet and devoted mother Jozen from Lola’s Girl
My amazing sister-in-law Paula from Mind Your Ps ‘n’ Qs
The amazing mommy and lovely shop owner Kristen from Petal & Thorn
A sweet blog friend who documents the life of her man and herself over at Love, Laurie

21 Responses to Let’s Do This!

  1. aw, thanks for the tag girl. you are just too cute! and speaking of cute, look at that baby bump. adorable!!
    xo TJ

  2. Laurie says:

    hey sarah! thanks for the tag. i never do these things, but this one sounds like fun. i’ll be sure to post it on my blog soon.

    so excited for you and your baby boy on the way!


  3. Anita says:

    How fun! It’s nice to get to know you a little more!

  4. you are a beautiful preggo!

  5. CaseyWiegand says:

    just wanted to say u r adorable!!!

  6. Jenn @ PSP says:

    Aw, super fun! I just did something similar to this in my blog : ) I like Star Wars and bacon too. And I don’t know what it is about being married, but lately sometimes my emotions go haywire and I laugh and cry at the same time – it’s like the wires are crossed or something!


  7. Sarah says:


    Yes!!! I totally agree, I think the wires cross =)

  8. Ioana-Carmen says:

    Nice post! Check my blog and follow mw if you want!

  9. Delia says:

    I didn’t know you had so many red shoes! You should do a red-shoes series on your blog! ;)

  10. Sarah says:

    Delia, I didn’t know either until we moved and I paid attention to my shoes. I have at LEAST 6 pairs lol.

  11. Elle R. says:

    ahahah what a funny survey =) when I laugh I start crying too all the time!

  12. These are such fun and quirky things! Like the crying? What?!

  13. RuBee says:

    I hate feeling my pulse too. It really freaks me out! x

  14. I have a phobia of pulses as well! I cannot take my own. It scares me so badly. Do you have any posts about London? I’m going there for my honeymoon in 3 months (it’s the number one place in the world I want to visit). And I love bacon and smoosh faced dogs :) So glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

  15. Sarah says:


    I don’t think I have any posts since it’s been a few years since we went, but I do still have my google map with the itinerary. I’ll message it to you. It’s pretty cool

  16. Alexa says:

    Ok, I feel the same way about the heartbeat. Weird right? And I also think Mila smells best when she doesn’t bathe. Love her cute little stinky baby smell.

  17. Chunny says:

    Interesting. I had fun reading your post. =)

  18. Oh how fun and I am gonna checkout those blogs you tagged :)

    <3 Denise

    PS: Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  19. Hena Tayeb says:

    I’m left handed too.. cut with my right hands and sometimes.. well actually mostly eat with my right too.. but feed D with my left.. I think I have become ambidextrous.

    I sometimes laugh so hard I end up not being able to breath..and that makes we laugh more so instead of laughing my soundless laugh i am instead weezing and gasping while laughing.. inexplicable..

    I enjoyed the post.. got to know you better. Hope you continue to enjoy your new town too

  20. How cute are you?!! I’m terrible at these things, but I’ll do my best for you. :)

  21. What a fun idea, I loved your list :) I’m with you on the non-bathing baby smell :)

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