So the lovely Alexa from The Short and the Sweet of It invited me to do a blog swap with her. So you’ll find me, Samantha, and Daphne all over there doing a fun mommy fashion post. You’ll have to stop by after reading Alexa’s fun mommy fashion post here! Thanks so much Alexa!!!

- Sarah


Hello readers! This is Alexa from The Short and the Sweet of It. I’m so happy to be guesting on Sarah’s blog today about *trying* to keep fashionable as a new mom. Huge confession here: I am usually in work out pants, a tank top and tennis shoes, so don’t be fooled. But anyhow, here are some snapshots of my favorite outfit for fall.

I am loving rust colored cords this fall. And I think they really complement my dark hair. It is questionable that I paired it with a white sweater (being a mom usually means that you have some form of spit up or mashed peas on your clothing). However, it helps lighten up the look. You could also go for a camel colored sweater where stains might not be as blatantly obvious.

Or you could just grab a black blazer, a camel colored scarf and dark glasses, so no one at the supermarket knows who the girl with the multiple stain marks on her shirt really is.

Flats are key. Easy to slip on and off and they reduce the risk of stumbling while holding baby or trying to control a usually out-of-control dog on the leash.

Then you just go into the yard and play with your baby looking more stylish than ever. Until baby drools on your face, scarf and shirt and you change back into those beloved sweats and over-sized t-shirt.

Thank you so much Sarah for hosting me on your blog, it’s been lovely.

My cords are from Levi’s. My sweater was a gift. The blazer was a hand-me-down from my best friend (score!) My scarf is from Italy and my shoes are from Target (they no longer have the same ones, but these are pretty adorable too).

P.S. Head over to The Short and the Sweet of It to see Sarah’s fashion tips.

10 Responses to Blog Swap!

  1. Alexa says:

    Thank you so much for having me over Sarah!!!

  2. amy b.s. says:

    fun guest post!

  3. Love Alexa’s blog! :) And I’m a firm believer in flats and scarves too! (they cover up all manner of stains!)

  4. I loved your post on over at Alexa’s! So happy to discover you and your lovely blog :)

  5. aw, so much fun! i love blogger switches! what a fun guest post!
    xo TJ

  6. I’m a huge fan of scarves too!
    Fun blog swap, Sarah!

  7. whitney says:

    love those dark chords! great job, ladies :)

  8. sherri lynn says:

    I love those cords! And I wear flats and scarves all through the fall :)

  9. Amanda Hill says:

    Great blog! I just found you but am for sure becoming a new follower. Be back soon for more goodness!

  10. Clara Turbay says:

    Great post. come and check out mine.


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